PagerDuty Boosts Incident Suite By Acquiring

In a strategic move that’s setting the tech world abuzz, PagerDuty, a heavyweight in digital operations management, has made a decisive play by acquiring the innovative incident management startup While the financial details remain under wraps, this acquisition is already creating waves in the industry. burst onto the scene in 2019, driven by the vision of chaos engineering expert Nora Jones, whose impressive résumé boasts stints at Netflix and Slack. Jones crafted with a laser focus on not just troubleshooting but also extracting actionable insights from incidents to fortify future responses.

Central to’s appeal is its Slack-integrated bot, a digital first responder that springs into action by guiding users through a series of diagnostic questions. It seamlessly transitions from triage to ticketing, opening Jira issues as needed and broadcasting updates across designated Slack channels to mobilize the right teams swiftly.

This acquisition is more than a mere expansion of services for PagerDuty—it’s a calculated enhancement to its robust suite of operations tools. PagerDuty’s platform is already known for its comprehensive approach, covering the spectrum from incident resolution to customer communication during system hiccups.’s capabilities are set to deepen PagerDuty’s incident management functionalities, which lie at the heart of its Operations Cloud.

Dan McCall, VP of Product Management at PagerDuty, emphasizes the synergy: “Incident response is a critical pillar for us.’s toolkit is a natural fit, meshing seamlessly with our array of services to help companies escalate their operational game.”

For Jones, the acquisition by PagerDuty wasn’t a part of the original game plan. However, the alignment between the two companies, coupled with PagerDuty’s robust resources, presents an accelerated growth trajectory for’s solutions—one that might have taken much longer to achieve independently.

“It’s an exciting progression for us,” Jones shares. “We’ve built a strong, healthy business, and joining forces with PagerDuty feels like a logical step forward.”

This acquisition doesn’t seem to be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Considering that PagerDuty’s systems provide critical data that leverages during incident assessments—and with a significant overlap in their customer bases—the move appears to be a well-thought-out integration. Notably,’s inaugural integration was with PagerDuty.

Recently, began exploring the potential of generative AI tools in incident management. This technology promises to summarize key incident details and draft preliminary reports, providing a robust starting point for human-led analyses.

Before this acquisition, had successfully raised $19 million through funding rounds, with a $4 million seed round followed by a $15 million Series A just last year. The team, including Jones, is set to join PagerDuty upon the deal’s finalization, promising a smooth transition for their roster of notable clients like Slack, Zendesk, and LastPass.

With this acquisition, PagerDuty not only underscores its commitment to top-tier incident management but also positions itself at the forefront of operational innovation, equipped to deliver unparalleled service continuity in an increasingly complex digital landscape.