Starlink Mini Unveils Portable Satellite Internet For $599

SpaceX has introduced the Starlink Mini, a compact version of its satellite internet product designed to fit inside a backpack. This new offering aims to provide greater flexibility and connectivity options, particularly for those on the move. Starlink Mini is priced at $599, which is $100 more than the standard Starlink kit. Early adopters have the opportunity to purchase the kit through an exclusive invitation. Additionally, customers can bundle the Mini Roam service with their existing plans for an extra $30 per month, which provides up to 50 gigabytes of data.

For current Starlink residential customers, this means the total monthly cost would be around $150. SpaceX has expressed its intention to lower the price of the kit in the future. However, there is no standalone Mini Roam plan available at this time. Weighing approximately 2.5 pounds with its kickstand, the Mini antenna is about 60% lighter than the standard Starlink dish. Despite its smaller size, the Starlink Mini delivers impressive performance with maximum download speeds exceeding 100 Mbps.

The first batch of Starlink Minis is expected to ship in July. This product is likely to attract travelers and those in need of a reliable backup internet connection. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk highlighted on social media that the Mini could be a great low-cost option for a backup internet connection when a landline is unavailable. Starlink, powered by SpaceX’s extensive network of over 6,000 satellites, has already established itself as a popular satellite internet provider. With more than 3 million customers across 100 countries, Starlink continues to expand its reach, providing connectivity to areas where traditional internet services are either unaffordable or unavailable.

The introduction of Starlink Mini aligns with SpaceX’s mission to make internet access more affordable and accessible globally. While the initial price of the Starlink Mini kit is higher, the company is committed to reducing costs as production scales and more units are available. The launch of Starlink Mini represents a significant step towards increasing global connectivity. Its portable design and robust performance make it an attractive option for a wide range of users, from travelers to those seeking a reliable backup internet solution. As SpaceX continues to innovate and expand its satellite network, products like the Starlink Mini will likely play a crucial role in bringing internet access to more people worldwide.