How Diamonds Capital Is Tackling The European Market

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more evident. From its humble beginnings in 2010 with the emergence of bitcoin to the blow-off top witnessed in late 2017, the cryptocurrency industry has only grown in prevalence. This is particularly evidenced within the lifetime return on investment (ROI) of many cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin –  to give a prime example – has yielded an inconceivable 107 million percent in the decade since its inception. Unfortunately for those who ‘missed the boat,’ these kinds of returns are likely a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, via skillful trading, it’s still entirely possible to make a healthy profit from cryptocurrencies. Of course, not everyone inhabits the skill, judgment, and perseverance needed to trade crypto successfully. Given this, It’s perhaps not too surprising that digital asset funds are also on the rise.  In 2017 alone, 290 crypto fund mangers entered the space, accounting for a sizable 14% of the entire hedgefund industry that year. A further 284 joined the fray in 2018. Interestingly, while the number of funds is growing, their locale is increasingly centralized. According to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a massive 64% of crypto hedge fund managers are positioned in the US – leaving the rest of the world slightly lacking.

For investors, finding the right fund has never been more critical. For the funds themselves, a vaster choice also produces a greater need to diversify to attract customers.

A New Breed Of Crypto Fund

Aiming to solve both these issues is Diamonds Capital, a UK-based asset manager, with multiple offices worldwide. The fund seeks to corner the European market and innovate beyond the competition.


Providing a substantial edge is Diamonds Capital’s proprietary trading robot. Designed by CEO Robert Clarkson, the crypto robot utilizes technical indicators along with chart recognition scanner to autonomously enact trades.

The bot employs algorithmic strategies based on a triple exponential moving average (TEMA), and a double exponential moving average (DEMA), which helps identify profitable entry and exit points. This enables the bot to adequately asses the market and responds swiftly to volatile price changes. The bot was designed to work on the most popular volume-driven exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, OKEx, Bittrex, and Kraken.

One of the significant upsides of trading via a crypto robot is that it negates human emotion. Many markets – be it the crypto space, or traditional stock indices  – are often ruled by emotion. This is even more evident within the cryptocurrency markets, where traders are usually young and inexperienced. In comparison, bots don’t react adversely to unusual market shifts. Where a human uses their heart, trading bots stick to a proven strategy. Backing this theory up, Diamonds Capital reports that via the use of their crypto robot, investors can glean a profit of up to 3.5% in just one day.

Diamonds Capital has taken its crypto fund to a new level by integrating modern technology with modern marketing, allowing for a genuinely pioneering platform for investment – something which is sorely wanting within Europe’s crypto fund industry.