Cryptonetix: A Crypto Financial Platform

Interview with Aaron Ghadiyali, CTO of Cryptonetix.

What challenge is Cryptonetix addressing?

Currently in the Cryptocurrency markets there are mostly a collection of websites, some with just news, some market cap sites, some doing basic comparisons between coins. What we do not have for the blockchain markets is a real analytics platform, allowing novice, amateur or professional traders to utilize a set of tools to help investing and trading in the markets easier.

Cryptonetix is going to change that by offering the first REAL analytics platform, featuring traditional market technical indicators, new algorithms we are building, combined with a full featured funding, portfolio, education and trading commentary suite of tools for all types of investors, both established and new to the cryptocurrency markets. –

What is the scale of this challenge?

It’s quite a lot of work. If you go back to when this all started and the first few Cryptocurrency exchanges opened, they prospered because they were able to centralize the data and provide a means of buying and selling. Although blockchain is a decentralized technology, what we have seen up until very recently, and now we have many decentralized trading exchanges in development, was something strange. Centralized technology driving the buying and selling of decentralized technology. With Cryptonetix, we will be taking data from many exchanges, both decentralized and centralized and providing that feed into our platform, running it against various heatmaps, technical and fundamental trading indicators, various coding algorithms and presenting the data in an easy to view and understand format so the everyday investor can get something out of the data. It’s a monumental data aggregation and analytics task, and we have the proper team to bring it to fruition.

How does Cryptonetix turn this challenge into an opportunity?

Presenting all of this trading data in a usable format running through a collection of time-

Aaron Ghadiyali

tested methods to determine price action, we allow the novice to professional investor to use our analytics platform and make better trading decisions.

Additionally, we will be offering our analytics data through web API’s to other organizations and doing similar integrations with companies and institutions. As we all have more, valuable data in the Cryptocurrency markets, everyone will begin to make better decisions, and push through the emotions of fear and greed and use real data to make key investment decisions.

How does Cryptonetix compare to similar products?

Currently nothing else exists for the cryptocurrency markets like what we are doing. We are taking technical methods that work across many financial markets and applying it to the cryptocurrency markets. New fresh algorithms alongside Analysis like Elliott wave, Fibonacci, Harmonics being performed by our analysts and presenting it under a comprehensive blockchain analytics platform. Combining this with funding, portfolio management and much needed cryptocurrency market education, Cryptonetix will appeal to the most novice and seasoned investor.

Who are Cryptonetix main competitors?

At this stage we don’t feel we yet have any real competition. Market capitalization and Comparison sites are handy but inadequate for an investor or trader, Coindash.IO is doing a social trading platform which we might enable in a certain portion of our portfolio features, Iconomi is doing fund management but we are doing so much more in addition to that. Other than this, there are no real competitors. I anticipate that will change over the next few years, that is why we are looking to position ourselves as the top trading and investing analytics company in the blockchain markets now taking successful technical methods and applying it to the cryptocurrency markets.

Can you showcase some team members/advisors which have a strong background? What is their connection with this particular project?

On the Information Technology side we have well over a combined 50 years of experience, and with Forex, trading and investing nearly just as much. Our lead developer Pat Shearon has worked on
numerous data projects and many other complex applications such as games he has been a part of it.

Personally I have worked at many large corporations running the data operations from administration to
analytics and everything in between. I possess a lot of knowledge about IT Infrastructure, project management and have a very entrepreneur type of spirit. Our COO is well connected in the real estate sphere and has over 10 years of experience in traditional market investments, and pretty much the whole team actively is involved in the cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

Does Cryptonetix have any strategic partnerships?

Currently we have an existing partnership with that will be handling our bounty campaign via the forums. We would like to list Ethereum as an official partner soon when possible, and we are working on a partnership with a large international real estate investment firm.

Does Cryptonetix have a viable product at this time?

At present we have our design for our initial platform, including the funding and analytics dashboards. We also are finishing up our ICO deposit system which we will use for the Cryptonetix ICO; we plan on offering this system to other ICO’s for a modest fee unlike some of the other providers out there.

What is the status or this product? (Alpha Beta or production)

We are still in design phase but have application design completed.

What are the key qualities that investors should look for in a crypto investing platform?

We would say without a doubt reliability, a platform that simply works. For this we are building out redundancy at every level of our platform, so if any of the systems go down other will pick up and notify key personnel of the outage. Security is another key feature, which is why we have brought on an advisor specialized in cloud security implementations.

Finally, usability is really the mechanism that will draw in clients to our platform. Everything we offer inside the platform is designed to be something of value for people, not waste of space, no impractical technical indicators or alerting system that doesn’t really provide any help with investment decision making, only true, tested algorithms inside of the Cryptonetix platform will be utilized, monitored and updated when needed.

How does the Cryptonetix International Real Estate Fund fit into the context of Cryptonetix?

As the Cryptocurrency market develops there is boundless potential but like every other market it doesn’t come without risks. One way we can mitigate this risk is by diversifying in one of the oldest forms of investing, real estate.

We are teaming up with a global real estate player in order to facilitate this strategy; together we will create a diversified portfolio mostly comprising (but not limited to) managed properties, student accommodation and REIT’s. This approach not only being an integral part of the company’s cash flow generation, it will also be of utmost importance to our token holders who will receive dividends on a quarterly basis.

In which jurisdictions will the investment property be acquired?

We will start with Europe, mainly the UK then look at possible opportunities in Asia.

What is the expected return from the real estate investments?

We are looking for 6-10% p/a.

Will the Real estate investments be buy low sell high strategies or renting?

Our investments will be centred around Managed properties that guarantee returns. Only at a later stage will we look into high-end rental and commercial property and may even branch out in Ecotourism should the specific criteria be met. This firm stability combined with higher expected returns on our cryptocurrency fund will allow a good mix of diversity for our token holders.

What is the structure of the ICO? (Bonuses, Dates, Market Cap)

For the presale we will be offering big discounts for substantial investments, for the ICO we will be offering bonuses through the first few weeks to incentivize potential investors. Our market cap will be set to 34 Million, which is our initial token price of 0.34 USD x 100 Million CNX tokens.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

To participate in our ICO one will need to register on our website using a valid email address. To receive tokens, a minimum investment amount of $10 USD will be needed.

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

Part of the money raised in our ICO will go into a Cryptocurrency and International Real Estate investment fund. Every 3 months, for those tokens holders registered on our website (details later), we will pay out 50% of the profits from our investment funds to those wallets holding our tokens.

Was there a pre-ico?

The Presale is from October 15th, 2017 – November 8th, 2017

What is the price of the pre-ico and the price of the ico?

28% Up to 250K on The Presale, it will be actually a straight 30% up to 500k, only two tiers, we’ve done this in the investors favor.

How many tokens will be issued?

100 Million tokens total and 70 Million offered during the presale and ICO

Is there a cap on the ICO?

Yes, the cap is 23.8 Million

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We thank Aaron Ghadiyali for the interview.