Alibabacoin Foundation Updates Their Multi-Crypto Wallet, Providing New Ways To Earn Free ABBC Coins

Alibabacoin Foundation has made improvements in their multi-crypto wallet and recently launched the upgraded version. The much-awaited updated version of the MC wallet is now available for download from Google Play store while the App Store version for iOS users will be available soon. By downloading the Multi Crypto wallet, the users can get 100 ABBC coins for free but they have to be as early as possible because only first 500,000 users will get this benefit.

In addition, the users can sign up to the wallet and receive a referral link which they can share with their friends and family members to earn more ABBC coins. If anyone downloads and registers on the wallet through their provided link, the user will earn 20 ABBC coins as a bonus. They can share the referral link to as many people as they want to and increase their chances of earning free ABBC coins.

The updated version of the MC wallet will feature several improvements and provide a better user experience. Alibabacoin Foundation has also released an official statement mentioning the MC wallet update, “We want to thank our faith community who are eagerly awaiting the release and constantly monitoring our official channels for updates. We are very grateful for your continued support and patience with us.”

Additionally, with an aim to know their users, audience, and supporters better, Alibabacoin Foundation is also holding the KYC (Know Your Customer) event which will help the company in understanding their customers better. It will enable them to gain feedback and suggestions from their audience and make further improvements in their whole system to provide even better services and experience to the users.

As of now, the Multi-Crypto Wallet allows the users to store and transfer only six cryptocurrencies namely, ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, and DASH but soon they will be adding up to 20 more coins to the list. MC wallet is one of its kind crypto wallet that enables the user to exchange and transfer multiple types of currencies conveniently within the app, without the need to enter a password. Alibabacoin Foundation is also one of the first crypto companies to integrate facial recognition technology in their wallet to provide ultimate security to their users.

Alibabacoin Foundation believes in making continuous improvements and the MC wallet update is one of the steps to achieve their ultimate goal of providing best in class services to their users. More information about the Multi-Crypto wallet and Alibabacoin Foundation can be found at

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