The Team Behind Xeonbit That Will Ensure Its Success

Xeonbit offers a unique platform in which the main goal is to provide a secure payment platform for users who wish to remain anonymous at all times. Unlike many other platforms, Xeonbit differs by allowing the possibility of tracing transactions while also protecting the information of both, the receiver and the sender. Keep your balance unknown and take advantage of enhanced privacy and security features that only Xeonbit can offer. 

This project is led by a professional team with a great deal of experience in their respective fields, a key feature that will ensure the success of the company. A well-known, trustworthy team is essential in the path to success, investors need to know who they’re dealing with, and so do customers; which is precisely why this article is an introduction to the team behind Xeonbit:

Nikolas B. – CTO, Consultant

Nikolas has experience in the banking and real estate industry. Through the last years, his main focus has been real estate and investments. He currently advises blockchain start-ups, a field he has fallen in love with since early 2016. He envisions the fast-moving cities of the next decade to be all about highly advanced blockchain techs and artificial intelligence.

Richard D. – Technical Advisor

Prior to his blockchain involvement, Richard worked for a Japanese software company since 2009 and switched to the exciting crypto field in 2014. He has a great deal of experience with Bitcoin mining hardware and is very enthusiastic about the crypto world. Richard is a strong believer of this tech and plans on contributing to change how people view cryptos.

Louis H. – Head of Communications

Louis has experience in the banking and finance sector. Having discovered Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2015, Louis changed fields and never looked back. With a few friends from the U.S., Louis has built many crypto mining farms and is very involved in the crypto world.

Angel Lee – Project Lead

Angel gained valuable insights and exposure in her early years under careful guidance at her Family Office. Angel is passionate about investing in businesses with disruptive ideas and has also played an integral advisory role in Blockchain and eCommerce startups.

Adrian N. – Strategy Consultant

With a major in engineering, Adrian discovered crypto mining back in 2015 and basically self-taught how to build mining farms. With his mining experience, Adrian built his own mining rig which has shown to be highly efficient and profitable. In 2018, Adrian became a consultant and advisor for Xeonbit. Adrian also believes cryptocurrency will eventually replace fiat currency by 2030.

Thuhoa – Regional Business Development Advisor

An experienced crypto traders since 2015, Thuhoa is one of the very first traders in Vietnam. Thuhoa knows the strategies to develop the market with her own networking. 

Edwin Kitoni – Social Network Online Marketer Advisor

Social marketing is his strongest profile since 2016. Edwin has built up quite an interesting community in his hometown by training and guiding people to learn more about cryptocurrencies. 

Yaroslav Skriaga – Community and Country Manager

He has experience in communications and has worked in the field since early 2016. Yaroslav has developed networking in Europe where he believes he can contribute more to the community.