Castbox To Introduce Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet In-App

June 1st, 2018, San Francisco, CA

Top tier cross-platform podcast app Castbox, will roll out a new cryptocurrency wallet, BoxWallet, to its 16 million users on June 1st. BoxWallet will be built into the Castbox app, allowing users to easily send and receive both ETH and BOX tokens without leaving the app.

With the introduction of BoxWallet, Castbox will become the first among global mainstream digital content apps to embrace native cryptocurrency within the app. Compared with standalone cryptocurrency apps, such as Coinbase or Jaxx, BoxWallet will link cryptocurrency with more traditional non-crypto users who may not have heard of Bitcoin or blockchain before.

In addition to storing and transferring cryptocurrencies, BoxWallet will allow users to spend BOX tokens within the app, such as for purchasing premium memberships or tipping podcasters. Additional functionality for BOX tokens will be rolled out in upcoming updates for Castbox.

BoxWallet is only the beginning, as Castbox is the first application to be integrated onto the ContentBox platform, a blockchain project that aims to build an infrastructure for a decentralized digital content ecosystem. The ContentBox team is working on a blockchain-based multiparty payment solution called BOX Payout, and a decentralized identity management system called BOX Passport, which together will shake the foundation of central digital content platforms such as YouTube or Netflix.

The latest version of Castbox is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Token symbol: BOX

Price per token: 1ETH: 19000BOX

Total supply: 3 billion

ICO supply: 750 million

Start Date: 2018/4/13 (Only private sale)

End Date: 2018/6/22 (Only private sale)

Soft cap: 15000ETH

Hard cap: 30000ETH

ICO stages: Pre-sale (No crowd sale)

Minimum investment: 100ETH

Accepted forms of payment: ETH

Find out more from the website here.