Brickvest Review




Brickvest review (as of 2/10/2016)


BrickInvest is a platform for p2p loans backed by real estate portfolios in various countries.

SWOT Analysis


  • Mix of Mainland EU, UK and US based properties. This will help you achieve geographical diversity.
  • Interest rates of more than 5%
  • Investments based on property portfolio rather than single properties.
  • Registered by the FCA  Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 550103.
  • Currency is in Euros, this makes it one of the few Euro-based real estate p2p loan providers.


  • Investor also pay fees
  • Minimum unit is of 1,000 Euros


  • The system appears to work with a system of pledges rather than committing your money before the investment can go through.
  • Experts vet these investments, decreasing the risk of future problems.
  • Global Founders Capital, a venture fund is behind this firm. Which gives it more credibility


  • The average length of investments available (at the time of writing) was more than 12 months.
  • Relatively new business model.
  • At the moment there are very few competitors in this market. What if this changes?
  • Liquidity is available as long as a secondary market is available.
  • The real estate backing the loan could cease to produce income for a variety of reasons.
  • Tenants could go bankrupt, there could be legal difficulties in taking them out.
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