BTC POP Review

BTC Pop Review

BTC POP is a platform on which you can lend or borrow money, buy and sell bitcoin, launch or participate in IPOS.

SWOT Analysis


  • Myriad of options to invest your money including
  • Pooled Investments
  • Mining Shares
  • Allows users to create their own IPO (initial public offering) campaign.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin
  • Aquired a Ardeva a firm which manages user verification
  • Partnership with an international debt collection agency
  • Offers “insurance”-backed loans
  • Loans can be currency-linked. Loan value is represented by the underlying, value of the fiat currency chosen.
  • Autoinvest or lending pools provide 5% interest
  • Active Secondary Market
  • UK based
  • Accepts US Traffic
  • Dutch Auction SystemDisadvantages
  • Not possible to repay the loans early.
  • Inherently risky as assets are backed mainly by reputation
  • Credit rating is built on successful loan repayments on BTCPOP and Ardeva rating.
  • BTC POP Takes fees upon disbursement


  • Innovative Features such as Vouchers, Debt colletarisation
  • Buying of company shares in Bitcoin
  • BTC pop uses Cold Wallets (Offiline) storage to ensure your bitcoins are safe


  • The exchange uses a combination of Hot Wallets and Intermediate Wallets as most exchanges do.
  • Extremely innovative investment platform, this page is an introduction.
    Research the product further before you can establish is the risk is compatible with your risk profile.

Visit BTC Pop and make your own informed decision before you buy.