ICO Review: IceBreakerAR – The All-In-One Augmented Reality Social Network

The social network industry has made it possible for people to connect regardless of their physical location and in real time. There are plenty of social networks which are designed to help people connect family and friends, share information, look for work and also to find a mate. This industry as a whole generates billions of dollars in revenue but these platforms continue to present security problems due to multiple reasons: fake or bot profiles, out-of-date of fake photos, lack of follow-through and data security, or just the inability to integrate the platforms to smartphones.

IceBreakerAR is a social network platform that will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool that removes the core barriers preventing humans from reaching out and interacting with one another. Users will have the confidence to approach each other and be equipped with conversational tools to initiate interaction in an innovative and fun manner, be it for a relationship, friendship, networking or business opportunity. In addition, all user data is secured in the blockchain thereby providing a better standard of security and integrity.

Main features

  • Easy profile creation for dating, networking or groups meeting.
  • The match results will be displayed in an Augmented Reality (AR) fashion where an avatar represents the matches, displays the match percentage and top likes/dislikes.
  • Users will be able to set privacy settings in any way they choose, which can be applied globally or on a per category basis. All data will be secure from malicious attacks through blockchain decentralization.
  • Retail partners will be able to offer discounts, rewards, promotions and advertise through AR technology.
  • The APP will be available on iOS and Android.
IceBreakerAR main features, source: icebreaker.com


  • Users will be able to earn rewards by completing a variety of real-world actions, allowing to the users to ‘level up’ their Avatars to open up new accessories and customizations, free merchandise and IceBreakerAR tokens.
  • Inn-App purchases also will be available for special features.
IceBreakerAR APP, source: icebreakerar.com

Token information

  • Token name = ICE Credits
  • Acronym = ICE
  • Platform = Ethereum ERC20
  • Max. Number of tokens = 300,000,000
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted = BTC, ETH, LTC
  • FIAT accepted = Yes
  • Soft cap = $3 million
  • Hard cap = $17,9 million

NOTE: unsold tokens will be burnt.

Token distribution

  • ICO = 67.2%
  • Advisors & Partners = 13.7%
  • Team = 13.3%
  • Reserve = 3.3%
  • Community = 2.5%
IceBreakerAR token distribution, source: icebreakerar.com

Funds usage

  • Marketing = 30%
  • APP Development = 25%
  • Operations = 17%
  • Business development = 10%
  • Reserves = 10%
  • Legal = 8%
IcebreakerAR funds usage, source: icebreakerar.com

Private ICO

  • Starts = May 15th, 2018
  • Ends = July 31st, 2018
  • Token price = $0,90
  • Bonus = 50%

NOTE: private ICO will be available only for accredited investors.


  • Starts = August 1st, 2018
  • Ends = August 14th, 2018
  • Token price = $0,90
  • Bonus = 20%


  • Starts = August 15th, 2018
  • Close = September 5th, 2018
  • Distributed on ICO = 212,500,000
  • Token price = $0,90

The leading team


IceBreakerAR does not have competitors that offer the same value proposition but if there are platforms that share the same business model offering similar services:

Social media presence

Additional information


It’s a fact that social networks continue to grow in both users and income and have been differentiating from each other to address a specific audience. IceBreakerAR try to solve the problems of current social networks through the blockchain, in addition to unifying in a single profile a social network of dating, friends and networking using AR to give users a new experience which current social networks do not offer.