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Microsoft Unveils London AI Hub With Jordan Hoffmann At The Helm

Microsoft is upping the ante in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain with the launch of its brand-new London hub, part of its burgeoning consumer...

Elevating AI OpenAI’s New Frontier In Custom Model Innovation

OpenAI is ushering in a new era of artificial intelligence with the expansion of its Custom Model program, offering a tailored approach to generative...

Spotify Dives Into E-Learning A New Era Of Digital Education Unfolds

Spotify, renowned for revolutionizing music streaming, is now venturing into a new domain: e-learning. With over 600 million users already engaged with music, podcasts,...

Uber Ignites Mooves $100M Journey Paving New Roads In Africa

In a groundbreaking move that marks a significant milestone for the African fintech and mobility sector, Moove has raised a monumental $100 million in...

Exploring Grok Elon Musk’s Bold Answer To AI Chatbots

In the bustling world of artificial intelligence, a new contender has emerged, courtesy of Elon Musk. Grok, developed by X (formerly known as Twitter),...
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