ExHasta: An Ecosystem For Innovation And Intellectual Property

Interview with Elburz Sorkhabi founder of ExHasta.

What is ExHasta?

ExHasta is a platform led by function(core) that will develop groundbreaking projects
and then distribute all the intellectual property to innovators around the world, allowing
them to create powerful startups and to increase their technical capabilities at an
extremely low cost. ExHasta is also committed to training innovators and entrepreneurs
to be able to wield these intellectual properties in efficient ways while creating a
worldwide network.

What is Intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is any creation of the mind that can be used for a social or
financial benefit that has been recognized by respective authorities as such. Think of
designs, blueprints, source code, patent/trademark licenses, research documents,
hardware specifications, deployment plans, timelines, budget estimates, contracts,
team compositions, management structures and more.

In what areas/industries will ExHasta focus on?

ExHasta will focus on markets that are heavily impacted and radicalized by

Elburz Sorkhabi

groundbreaking technologies. These include agriculture, energy, smart cities, space
technology, artificial intelligence/machine learning applications, banking and finance,
and more. The term Moonshot is often the term used for such high-risk and high-impact

How many projects will ExHasta be processing?

We aim to develop four Moonshots and impact over a billion people by 2021. The
Moonshot development schedule begins in May 2018. Each development cycle lasts 14
months after which the new intellectual property is released on the platform.

What is the Meridian platform and the Catalyst platform?

ExHasta Catalyst is the program in which ExHasta, led by the international collective
function(core), develops Moonshot technology intellectual property (IP) and distributes it
to a worldwide network of innovators at an extremely low cost. All IP developed will be
released for sale in three phases on the blockchain. Innovators and disruptors will able
to use their EXH tokens to buy Moonshot projects in whole or they can buy specific
elements for use in spin-off companies and as an augmentation to their existing

ExHasta Meridian is a one-month long innovator development program, an innovator
summit, that provides applied training, workshops, guest lecturers, networking, and
infrastructure assistance to attendees. Innovators can apply with CV or portfolio and are
ranked by the ExHasta community through a series of blind and public elimination
stages. Reviewers receive a reward in the form of a portion of the application fee in the
form of EXH tokens when they review the applicant that advances to the following
stage. The top 20 ranked applicants get to attend with all expenses covered.

Meridian Schedule

What are the incentives for innovators to use ExHasta?

ExHasta has a unique offering in that we develop expensive and powerful intellectual
property and distribute it on our platform at extremely low costs. Innovators and
entrepreneurs can quickly create cutting-edge startups, small-medium companies can
quickly future-proof their products with the latest technologies, and open source projects
can cost-effectively start new projects without the need for reverse-engineering.

What are the outreach plans to make investors and inventors aware of

We will use an integrated social media campaign on all major channels: Twitter,
Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and Bitcointalk featuring articles and press releases. Also
as ExHasta is led by function(core) who are well-known influencers in their respective
areas any marketing effort would be magnified by these individuals’ networks.
8. What are the biggest challenges for inventors to move from idea to product?
State of the art technology and IP requires large investments of money and time to
perform research and development. Individual innovators and SMEs may lack the
funds, expertise, or resources to develop their own intellectual property cost-effectively
and fast. ExHasta is dedicated to removing these barriers to empower innovators and
companies with IP that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

How will ExHasta profit from the intellectual property?

Our business model uses a number of supplementary revenue streams to create a long-
term sustainable operation while allowing innovators and entrepreneurs around the
world to purchase our intellectual property for extremely low costs. The combination of
our intellectual property auction and sales are the first stream. The second stream is a
sale of the assets we acquired during project development and a team transfer to a
third-party. The third stream is the revenue from our Meridian innovator summit
applications. The final stream is the sponsorships we will secure for Meridian summits.

The combination of these four streams will create a fluid and self-sustaining
organization that will be able to develop Moonshots for years to come. More information
about the associated revenue streams can be found in the whitepaper.

What are the benefits to the token holders?

EXH’s intrinsic value is the access to groundbreaking technology and know-how that
can accelerate business growth and innovators’ impact. Since the token value is directly
tied to the value of our intellectual property, the more IP that is generated the higher the
demand will be and consequently the more valuable each EXH token becomes. This
would allow investors to benefit from the token’s value appreciation by selling them to
entrepreneurs and SMEs.

For more information please visit: http://www.Exhasta.com

We thank Elburz Sorkhab for the interview.