Alternative International Investments Open To Foreign Investors

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List of international investments
open to non-resident investors.

P2P Lending

Mintos: A p2p platform based in Latvia




The stock market is an efficient investing machine, the alternative investment market much less so. There are opportunities out there destined for sophisticated, high net worth individuals and the risk-conscious retail investor.

Stock markets on all four continents are accessible to locals, but international alternative investments less so. There are opportunities in peer to peer lending, art investing, cryptocurrency speculation and precious metals stacking open to International Investors. The catch is that all these have risks, and it is your responsibility to find these risks!

The objective of this page is to provide you with a gateway to alternative international investments.

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What are the advantages of alternative non-stock market investments?

  • Investing in different markets
  • Currency diversification
  • Utility of investment platform
  • Diversifying risks out of the traditional stocks and bonds
  • Several Real assets or Hard Asset investing are only available as alternative investments

What are the risks?

  • Regulatory (Ex:. Taxes)
  • Information availability
  • Risk Assessment
  • Reporting obligations
  • Due Diligence coverage

Restrictions to be aware when investing as an international but non-resident investors

  • local bank account
  • local passport
  • minimum investment
  • only available to institutional investors
  • only available to accredited investors
  • type of required documentation
  • tax implications

Access to investments.

The definition of a good match between an investment platform and an investor varies across countries. In the US accredited investors have access to much more investments than retail investors, in Europe, the laws differ by country. Some platforms define international investor as large institutional investors or the ultra high net worth investor. Other have restrictions on bank accounts and passports.

AML/KMC Anti-Money Laundering / Know your customer legislation

This is a pain sometimes, but it does separate the good from the bad. One wouldn’t want his money mixed with other dirty money. Scans of documents usually suffice, sometimes a Skype interview with the investor holding the passport to a camera is also needed.

How to optimise currency transfers for your international investments?

Use the services of companies such as Currency Fair, TransferWise, or see a complete list on Wikipedia.  Such firms promise lower cost and better Exchange Rates.