Daneel: AI Analysing Crypto Market Sentiment

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Interview with Joseph Bedminster CEO of Daneel OÜ.

Can you introduce yourself and your role in ?

I am Joseph Bedminster, I am French, father of two little girls and CEO of Daneel OÜ.

I have a degree in software engineering. During my career, I have worked with startups as freelance (for example CTO and co-founder of Bonanza, currently having an international expansion in the field of matching algorithm to link students and companies) and manager in a well-known french research and innovation laboratory in the field of Artificial Intelligence, conversational assistant technologies and Big Data. During this experience I have worked with big companies: that’s how I discovered IBM’s Watson.

These experiences and my passion for cryptocurrency led me to create in 2017 an intelligent assistant based on artificial intelligence and conversational language: Daneel.

Will the AI processing and data storage needs be processed by decentralised nodes and if so what will be there incentive to do so?

Yes: the immense size of the collected data as well as the power required to calculate all the analyses and statistics of this data requires de facto a decentralized architecture at most;

We are still in the process of designing this architecture: we are recruiting experts in the fields of Big Data and A.I to help us develop such an analysis system, as fast and efficient as possible.

Our long-term vision is that Daneel will be an A.I with data distributed around the world, with storage nodes and analysis nodes that will allow fast and efficient access to the service.

Daneel’s tagline is “Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses.

By using our AI based on IBM Watson, be assisted in your daily investment decisions making. ” What are the similarities and differences between Daneel AI and the IBM Watson AI?

IBM Watson system is a set of capabilities and data provided by IBM for:

  • analyze important flows,
  • cross-referencing data,
  • identify concepts and similarities,
  • determine emotions and feelings through text
  • It is a solution for companies to enable them to leverage their AI and ML-based data.

The Daneel system is an algorithmic set capable of:

  • retrieve all the data on thousands of streams automatically and continuously, store it in storage
  • analyse this data to determine its reliability, identify important information, transmit information to be analyzed to Watson so that scores can be made and the information analyzed, processed, and presented in a simple and user-friendly manner.

How can the two be compared if the IBM Watson source code is not open source?

As a result of the previous answer, we cannot compare the two because it is not the same thing:

One is an AI/ML system capable of analyzing texts to determine key emotions and concepts
The second one is an AI capable of filtering and analysing millions of data for statistical purposes

Can AI read emotions?

It’s Watson’s A. I. which read the emotions for us through the selected sources we give to it (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk for example). Daneel uses Watson as a service to professionals, to feed its own AI and provide information to users.

IBM Watson feature “market emotions analyzes” will be applied for the first time, thanks to our R&D work, in the special field of cryptocurrency.

Can you tell us more what sort of data points will be used?

Our sources of information are numerous:

  • hundreds of generalist (forbes, times, WP) & specialised media (Techcrunch etc.),#
  • blogs and crypto sites (cointelegraph, coinidol, ethnews etc),
  • specialized forums
  • Repeated
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (all twitter feeds dealing with cryptos and crypto influencers)

How does Daneel differentiate from similar projects? 

First of all: we think that competition is good! This means that the market is buoyant and users are in demand. This means that the possibilities of development are big.

The fundamental difference is that Santiment has no AI: they only survey the market through voluntary contributions from members of their community. Currently, if you download their application, you will see that the number of participants is very limited (from 1 to 12 people per parity) because it is long and difficult to conquer a large community. Daneel, on the other hand, gets these answers easily, quickly and on a real-time basis thanks to his AI and IBM Watson, internationally from millions of people. Our partnership with IBM will save us time and precision.

Daneel goes further than the analysis of market emotions for which it searches, makes reliable, analyzes and simply returns the information requested by the user.
Another major difference is the user experience: While Santiment offers information in push or classic query, Daneel offers a conversational mode. Daneel is really an assistant, a feature that is increasingly requested by the general public (our target audience).
Including the pedagogical aspect proposed by the 2 tools: Santiment proposes a kind of social trading where the user has to get his information from threads of discussion. Daneel offers to learn through conversational mode and will adapt to the user’s profile.

From the 20th of January, we release our public showcase, a very very debut in Daneel’s AI, but you will be able to get an idea of the difference between Santiment (more than a year old) and Daneel (just the beginning)… according to us it’s irrevocably …!

What will be the cost to use Daneel after the ICO?

Access to Daneel will be provided in two ways:

Free access allowing access to all features, but with a limited number of requests. Premium paid access allowing access to all features, with an unlimited number of queries and access to support. The subscription will be paid in DAN, its price will be fixed in fiat but will fluctuate in DAN according to the price of the token.

Our philosophy at Daneel is to offer a quality service to as many people as possible for “bringing data intelligence into the crypto jungle”. Thus our price will be accessible to the greatest number of people.

Here is a summary of the main metrics of our ICO:

  • Total amount of DAN Token: 100.000.000
  • We will sell 60.000.000 DAN Token during presale and ICO and all the unsold token will be burned after the ICO.
  • The remaining 40% will be used for reserve of the company (7.500.000 DAN Token), distribution to the stakeholders (20.000.000 DAN Token for global team, counsellors, community), distribution to early investors of the entreprise (5.000.000 DAN Token), distribution within the framework of the rewards program (5.000.000 DAN Token) and product social rewards (2.500.000 DAN Token).

We will allow bonus for our ICO as follows:

  • 29th to 31th of January: VIP whitelist access; If you join our Whitelist (https://daneel.io) you will have 20% bonus during the 3 first day of the ICO.
  • 1st to 10th February: 15% bonus
  • 11th to 18th February: 10% bonus
  • 19th to 27th February: 5% bonus
  • st to 5th March: 0% bonus

What are the benefits of the Daneel token holders?

  • The major benefit of the Daneel token holders is that they can subscribe Daneel premium service.
  • Note that every time a user will pay for a subscription, a principle of “erosion” will be applied to the token and 6% of the total number of DAN will be burned, leading to a natural appreciation of the token.
  • Our DAN Token will be soon exchanged on different exchange platforms (we currently are under discussion with Poloniex, HitBTC, Binance, and Livecoin.)

At what stage is the AI software?

  1. Phase 1 successfully completed: Our I. A. is gathering as we speak of thousands of pieces of information per second on all the streams it monitors.
  2. Phase 2 initiated: Statistical data analysis, communication with Watson for emotional analysis of recorded flows (emotion and market sentiment)

We are launching a showcase of our product the 20th of January.

What information can you share about the team?

We are a complete and multidisciplinary team. Whereas it is our first ICO, we used to work in strategic and operational level on first-class companies, we all are historical cryptos and Blockchain enthusiasts and investors. You can check our LinkedIn profiles (as our COO: Florian Munoz, our CEO: Joseph Bedminster, myself: Julie Naudin, etc).

It allows us to face different aspects, and, at the same time, to launch our project:

  • The tech/development part: full time A.I. specialized developers, a UX/UI designer, and a product owner. All the tech team is focused on developing a V0 of Daneel for the middle of January.
  • The business part: All our efforts are focused on developing business to bring Daneel to the world and in every single investor’s pocket. Our full time Chief Operation Officer and our Partnership Manager allow us to have a strong business strategy and to focus on key milestones success.
  • The community part: 6 community managers allow us to care and develop all our international communities.
  • All our teams are backed with top business and technical advisors, and a great partner: IBM.

For more information please visit : https://daneel.io/