CyberTrust Review: Bridging Traditional And Crypto Financial Markets

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Interview with CyberTrust CEO Scott Freeman

Can you introduce yourself and your role in CyberTrust?

My background is a mix of IT, marketing and finance, with stints at HP, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Mercedes-Benz prior to going independent in China and building up an IT business. I grew up in the US and Europe but unexpectedly ended up in China. All in all it turned out to be a good choice.

Earlier this year we took advantage of a temporary withdrawal freeze at China’s big 3 to launch a crypto-currency exchange. Our timing was good and thanks to the sudden lack of competition we managed to grab a sizable share of the market, eventually making our way into the top 30 worldwide. Unlike, say, Binance, our focus has not been on the minor altcoins, but rather on the major cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and now Bitcoin Cash. Even today, our order book depth is by far the best of all of the Chinese offshore exchanges. That’s our #1 competitive advantage – order book depth.

C2CX obviously brought us all sorts of additional opportunities, and one of those was CyberTrust. CyberTrust decided that our mix of IT and crypto experience made us into an ideal partner; at the same time, we felt that their vision was a great fit with us. Two weeks ago we made the decision to re-allocate internal roles. At that point I agreed to take over the CEO role.

What will be the core service/product of CyberTrust?

What pain point is this service/product resolving?

– The limited supply and sky-high prices of securitized cryptocurrency products.
– The lack of a tool to speculate on the value of the securitization spread.
– The demand in the market for crypto derivatives like 3x bitcoin.

Will CyberTrust offer its services to the retail investor?

The CABS token can be traded by anyone, but the securitized crypto notes will initially only be available to accredited investors.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and a Bitcoin derivative?

One is inheritable, auditable, can be used as collateral and booked by businesses as an asset, whereas the other cannot.

What other financial instruments would a Bitcoin security be able to make possible?

3x Bitcoin or 3X Ethereum are easy to understand examples.

Why are Bitcoin and a Bitcoin security different in the eyes of the financial industry?

Because one is accessible to them and the other for all practical purposes isn’t.

What will be the largest impact when institutional investors can access with ease the crypto markets?

The most obvious effect: Much more demand! Follow-on effects are harder to prognosticate.

What will be the Cybertrust token be used for?

One CABS token is needed to securitize one bitcoin or the equivalent number of the other top three crypto-currencies: bitcoin cash and ethereum.

Will the Cybertrust token partake in any of the company profits or revenue?

No, it’s a pure utility token.

Does the Cybertrust token be stakable?


What are the pros and cons of investing in this token?

Con: As with any token, you will likely have to wait until after completion of the ICO to trade it, and its actuall value at the time will certainly be influenced by the state of the crypto market at that time.

Pro: Low risk, since it’s pricing is based on a known benchmark (GBTC:OTCQX). Upside potential is medium, not super high. This token is not likely to increase in value 100x, but 20 or even 30x is certainly conceivable.

When does the ICO start?

After finishing an initial closed round, we’re now in the pre-ICO phase. At this point I think that the ICO will probably not take place until early 2018, but it’s not impossible that we will move it up.

What is the price of a Cybertrust token at pre ICO and at the ICO stage?

0.6 ETH, but the volume bonus levels vary a bit – higher during the pre-ICO stage.

Would you like to share your thoughts about the Cryptovers at this time? 

That’s a mouthful. Too much going on all the time. If there’s any one thing that holds true for this industry, it’s that there’s never a shortage of new developments. Never a dull moment!

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