Viome Raises $86.5M In Series C Funding

Viome, a microbiome startup, has recently secured $86.5 million in Series C funding to expand its business. The company specializes in assessing customers’ microbiomes, using AI technology to provide personalized supplements and guidance based on the data. Viome’s RNA sequencing technology, which was developed out of research from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is said to be clinically validated and able to analyze biological samples at a much greater scale than other technologies. The funding will be used to expand existing business operations and break into new areas, including new product lines focused on mouth and dental health. Additionally, Viome has inked a distribution deal with CVS, where the pharmacy chain will offer Viome tests in 200 stores across the US. As consumers increasingly turn to alternative medicine and invest in their gut health, Viome’s innovative approach and collaboration with CVS position it for further growth and success in the market.

Viome Raises $86.5M in Series C Funding

Viome Raises $86.5M in Series C Funding

Viome, a leading microbiome startup, has recently secured $86.5 million in Series C funding. This funding round was co-led by Khosla Ventures and Bold Capital, with the participation of other current and new investors. The funds raised will be used to expand Viome’s business and allow the company to break into new areas.

About Viome

Viome is a microbiome startup that specializes in assessing customers’ microbiomes using artificial intelligence (AI). By analyzing biological samples, Viome provides personalized supplements and guidance based on the findings. The company’s mission is to improve customers’ health by optimizing their microbiomes.

Viome Raises $86.5M in Series C Funding

Series C Funding Details

Viome has successfully raised $86.5 million in its Series C funding round. Khosla Ventures and Bold Capital co-led the round, with other unnamed investors also participating. This significant funding will support Viome’s expansion plans and enable the company to advance its innovative microbiome technology.

RNA Sequencing Technology

Viome’s RNA sequencing technology is a breakthrough innovation that originated from research conducted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The technology has been clinically validated and is fully automated, allowing Viome to analyze biological samples at least 1,000 times more effectively than other existing technologies. This advanced sequencing capability enables Viome to provide highly accurate assessments of customers’ microbiomes.

Viome Raises $86.5M in Series C Funding

Viome’s Customer Base

With its cutting-edge technology and personalized approach, Viome has attracted a substantial customer base. The company has served over 350,000 consumers from 106 countries, primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Viome has collected and analyzed over 600,000 samples, which have significantly contributed to the development of its algorithm.

Expansion Plans

Viome has ambitious plans for expansion, aiming to diversify its offerings and enter new markets. In addition to expanding its existing business, which includes assessments based on blood, stool, and saliva samples, Viome plans to introduce new product lines focused on mouth and dental health. The company also aims to establish strategic retail partnerships, such as its recent collaboration with CVS.

Viome Raises $86.5M in Series C Funding

CVS Partnership

As part of its expansion strategy, Viome has teamed up with CVS to offer its microbiome tests in 200 stores. This partnership is based on a revenue share agreement, with CVS purchasing Viome’s test kits to meet the rising demand for gut-health products. While CVS is not investing directly in Viome, this collaboration highlights the growing interest in microbiome testing and personalized healthcare.

Viome’s Valuation

Although Viome has not disclosed its current valuation, the company has successfully raised $175 million to date. In 2022, Viome was valued at $339 million, indicating substantial growth and investor confidence in the company’s capabilities. With its innovative technology and expanding customer base, Viome has positioned itself as a key player in the microbiome industry.

Investors in Viome

Viome has attracted investments from prominent individuals and firms in the healthcare and technology sectors. Notable investors include Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, Better Health Group, a healthcare-focused investment firm, and SquareOne Capital. These investors have recognized the potential of Viome’s microbiome technology to revolutionize personalized healthcare.

Criticism and Skepticism

Like many companies operating in the emerging field of microbiome research, Viome has faced criticism and skepticism regarding its claims and methodologies. Dr. Jonathan Eisen, a specialist in medical microbiology and genomics, has been vocal about his concerns regarding Viome’s statements and marketing practices. However, it is essential to note that Viome’s diagnostic capabilities have been commended, but further research is required to validate its treatments.

While the field of microbiome research carries immense potential, there are ongoing discussions among scientists about the limitations and reliability of using microbiome data for identifying and treating health conditions. Companies like Viome have sparked both enthusiasm and caution, highlighting the need for rigorous scientific research and oversight in this rapidly evolving field.

In conclusion, Viome’s recent Series C funding of $86.5 million marks a significant milestone for the company’s expansion and development of its microbiome technology. With an ever-growing customer base and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like CVS, Viome is poised to make a lasting impact on personalized healthcare. While criticisms and skepticism persist, Viome continues to innovate and work towards unlocking the full potential of the human microbiome.