Fixura P2p Platform Review


Fixura is a p2p platform based in Finland, they offer loans investors p2p loans. We have asked Fixura questions in order to help prospective investor build their own review of Fixura.

What is the story behind Fixura?

Fixura is the oldest p2p lending platform in the Nordics. The company was founded 2009 and the platform launched in August 2010. Fixura has mediated consumer loans of more than 64 Million Euro and has over 80,000 registered users.

Can you tell me more about the Fixura management team?

Fixura’s management team consist of CEO Miika Engström, COO Mirja Palola, CFO Elina Kattilakoski and Head of Engineering Mattias Ahlholm.

Is the technical platform self-developed?

The platform is in-house developed.

What are the three main advantages for investors?

– Proven product and a proven business model – more than 6-year track record on creating profit to our lenders

– P2P lending is independent of the stock market

– Lenders get steady cashflow

Fixura’s fee structure charges the investor “2% for investments below 100 000 euros and 1% for investments of more than 100 000 euro”, what are the benefits for the borrower and investor with this fee structure?

The fee structure is transparent. Investors know what they pay for the investment. There are no monthly fees nor management fee charged. Investors get the complete interest return to themselves.

What ROI can investors expect today and in the future?

Since the start, Fixura has been able to offer investors annual returns of over 10 percent on average after fees and credit losses each year, rolling 12 months the return on investment is 12,5%.

How are interest rate set on Fixura for each loan?

Both customer groups state their conditions for the loans, and when supply and demand match, loans are created in real-time. The borrowers decide on the criteria they wish to borrow to amount, interest rate and maturity. The investors choose their criteria: interest rate, maturity, credit rating classification, maximum investment per loan.

What is the minimum investment amount in each loan?

There is no minimum investment in each loan, but the investor can set the maximum amount between 25€ to 2000 € that can be invested into each loan.

How are the loans sourced, directly or through third parties?

Loans are sourced directly.

How does the firm minimise defaults?

We have a reliable credit rating system, scoring process and borrower approval process. We are constantly improving our credit rating system to be even better. Failure to pay results in a normal debt collection process. For debt collection, we have a reliable partner.

What are the default rates on the platform? Are you satisfied with the retrieval rates on defaulted loans?

The collection process in Finland is long but very efficient. We are pleased with the results. We have been able to recover nearly 70 % of the defaulted loan principle for loans mediated in 2010-2011 and this figure will increase as for the majority of the not completed loans the collection process is still ongoing for about ten more years or until they are fully recovered.

Is your platform open to non-European residents?

The platform is currently open for lenders from over 130 countries and for borrowers in Finland.

How is Fixura different from other p2p platforms?

We offer very high returns. We let both the borrowers and lenders set their own criteria.

What can investors expect from Fixura in 2017?

Fixura has been building a base for strong growth for the last three years by improving processes and by launching a new scalable proprietary platform. We expect strong growth for 2017, and we will continue to provide stable returns to our investors. We are both improving our current product and planning on the launch of new products.

Sincere thanks to the team at Fixura for answering our questions and providing our readers with a better review of Fixura.