Frugal Budget For Christmas [Idy On Fire]

The long-awaited festive season is upon us and the last thing you need to be is broke right after the holidays. Don’t worry, I got you covered and today I will share with you a few simple hacks to cut back on your Christmas budget.


First, you need to find the least busy days to travel on, because they often translate into cheaper prices. For example, travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If you are planning to fly on Christmas Day, that might be a bad idea, as you will pay significantly more money. Listen, if you cannot make it to your family before Christmas, why not try to make it after the New Year. It’s not necessarily when you celebrate the holiday, but how.


Hello, Santa. I want my house to look festive but I don’t want to go broke, what should I do? Think about what you might have a good supply of. For example, if you have tons of Christmas cards you received during previous holidays, use them to decorate your home. Tape them to your windows. Put them on your refrigerator. String them up in the doorways as a garland or check Google for more ideas.


Don’t act as if Christmas is a surprise because it’s not. You have it on the same date every year, which means you have about 340 days to plan for Christmas gifts. Seeing that it’s already December, and a little too late for early Christmas shopping this year, you can donate your time instead of buying physical presents. Offering to babysit or walk a friend’s dog can go a long way. It’s the thought that matters, not the size. 


Yay, partying on a budget. Ok. Before you start spending, make a list of everything you need for the party and the list of people you are inviting. Next, make everyone bring at least one item on the list and help set up the party. This way, you don’t run out of money and still make sure everyone partakes in the fun. Also, it is wise to pick a theme that does not require heavy duty spending.

If you love hosting Christmas parties or all the traditional things attached to the Christmas holiday, go for it but don’t break the bank while at it. Don’t overspend just to keep up with your neighbors instead focus on what matters most to you and fits in your budget. Remember to keep the costs down and spirits up high. Also, like this video, subscribe and share your Christmas budgeting tips below.