Intel’s New Venture Articul8 AI Emerges To Redefine Enterprise AI Solutions

Intel, with a vision to assert a stronger presence in the AI-powered enterprise software market, announces the spin-out of a novel platform, backed by Boca Raton-based DigitalBridge, heralding a new era with Articul8 AI.

The birth of Articul8 AI, albeit a somewhat awkward abbreviation of “Articulate AI,” originates from a successful proof-of-concept derived from Intel’s collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in May. Intel, leveraging its hardware and a blend of open-source and proprietary software, engineered a gen AI system capable of processing text and images within BCG’s secure data centers, addressing their stringent security requisites, as reported by Reuters.

This innovative system, nurtured within Intel over a span of approximately two years, underwent recent enhancements tailored to suit BCG’s specific needs, as per CRN reports.

Initially exclusive to BCG, Intel has been diligently expanding the platform’s horizons over recent months. While optimized for Intel hardware, the platform accommodates alternative options, targeting industries like finance, aerospace, semiconductors, telecommunications, and others requiring top-tier security and specialized domain expertise, an Intel spokesperson disclosed.

Taking the helm as CEO of this new venture is Arun Subramaniyan, previously a VP and GM at Intel’s datacenter and AI group. The Articul8 team primarily comprises former Intel employees, while Intel retains a undisclosed stake in the spin-out.

Aside from Intel and DigitalBridge, renowned for its investments in datacenters, Articul8 secured funding from Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures, and Zain Group.

While affirming strategic alignment between Intel and Articul8, the spokesperson highlighted Intel’s intention to utilize Articul8’s enterprise gen AI software internally and extend it to customers through a collaborative go-to-market approach. This collaboration aims to drive the consumption of Intel’s compute offerings, leveraging Articul8’s AI domain expertise to fortify Intel’s presence in the generative AI market.

Intel’s move to unveil Articul8 represents its ongoing initiative to seek external investments for various business units, echoing its earlier spin-outs and divestitures. These strategic maneuvers form a crucial component of CEO Pat Gelsinger’s roadmap, aiming to secure funds for Intel’s ambitious expansion plans—erecting new chip factories in the U.S. and Europe, introducing advanced chip manufacturing nodes within the next four years, and rolling out cutting-edge software products, including gen AI-powered solutions.

Articul8 stands as a testament to Gelsinger’s strategy, positioning Intel to compete fiercely with industry counterparts like Nvidia and AMD, elevating Intel hardware’s appeal across diverse applications.