Nectar AI Personalized Social Commerce Messaging

Navigating the choppy waters of social media marketing isn’t a walk in the park, especially when everyone’s thumb-scrolling game is strong. Yet, with the projection of social platform-based purchases touching a whopping $3 trillion globally by 2026, there’s much at stake.

Enter Nectar AI, the brainchild of dynamic sisters, Misbah Uraizee and Farah Uraizee. Their rich experience at Meta exposed them to the immediate challenges of holding consumer attention. While Misbah’s domain was AI-driven conversational tools and monetization, Farah was crafting wonders in the realm of Facebook Communities and Groups.

Misbah reflected, “Our aim was to bolster user engagement within the Meta universe. However, the solutions often felt more like quick fixes. One pattern was undeniable: particularly among Gen Z, there’s a significant tilt towards private messaging. Its growth over the past half-decade is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Echoing this sentiment, top brass from Instagram highlighted how Stories and direct messaging have become pivotal engagement touchpoints on Meta’s suite of apps.

That brings us to Nectar AI’s mission. They believe it’s imperative for brands to evolve and engage consumers in spaces they frequent. Instead of juggling multiple tools, brands can now leverage Nectar AI’s state-of-the-art messaging tool. What’s the magic ingredient? Advanced AI, leveraging large language models and retrieval-augmented generation, enabling brands to engage at an unprecedented scale, shared Farah.

But wait, there’s more! In the e-commerce landscape, several players are vying for attention, like SuperOrdinary, Loup, and Rebuy. However, Nectar AI prides itself on its unique personalization features. They’ve perfected identity mapping that transitions smoothly from social to commerce customer profiles. Plus, they’ve developed a dedicated commerce-centric large language model that brands can activate across consumer touchpoints.

Curious about diving in? A smidge of patience is required. The platform is in its beta phase, with a broader public unveiling scheduled for next year. But gears are already in motion. Nectar AI has successfully secured $2 million in pre-seed funding, championed by Flying Fish Ventures’ Heather Gorham. Other significant contributors included BAM Ventures, Trust Fund’s Sophia Amoruso, XRC Ventures, Fab Ventures, Yale Index Ventures, CMDN, Dash VC, and several keen angel investors, Jennifer Dulski being one of them.

So, who’s in Nectar AI’s sights? Their immediate focus is on mid-tier fashion and beauty brands, the ones juggling thousands of social comments daily. The freshly infused capital is earmarked to bolster their engineering and AI factions.

Misbah encapsulated their vision, stating, “Our core audience comprises brands with robust engagement across social platforms, especially those heavily investing in both organic and paid campaigns. They’re grappling with monumental engagement challenges, and our aim is to harmonize the way they experience and leverage Nectar.”