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Amazon Commits $4 Billion Investment In AI Startup Anthropic

Investment of up to $4 billion by Amazon in AI startup Anthropic leads to enhanced AI capabilities and increased competition in the industry.

Bluesky Achieves Record Usage Following Elon Musk’s Announcement

Bluesky sees a surge in usage after Elon Musk's announcement about changes to X. Get details on the record number of new sign-ups and increased web traffic.

PhonePe Introduces Fee-Free App Store To Compete With Google

PhonePe challenges Google with its zero fee app store in India, offering a credible alternative for Android developers. No platform fees or commission on in-app purchases.

French Startup Commences Testing Of Hydrogen-Powered Executive Jet

French startup begins tests with hydrogen-powered executive jet. Beyond Aero is revolutionizing aviation with their eco-friendly jet, but infrastructure remains a challenge. Join their mission for a greener future of travel.

Sydney Startup Refilled Targets 2030 Goal To Eliminate 100 Million Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Discover how Sydney startup Refilled plans to eliminate 100 million plastic bottles by 2030 and revolutionize beverage consumption. Find out about their innovative BYO-Bottle system and how they offer a wide selection of drinks, flavors, and boosters. With plans to build 100 Refillers by 2024, Refilled is making a big environmental impact and seeking $3 million in funding. Join the movement to reduce plastic waste and create a sustainable future.
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