Airtoken: Mobile Internet Access Using Advertising And Micro-loans

Interview with the AirToken Team:

What challenge is AirFox addressing?

AirFox is increasing access to mobility for consumers, especially in emerging markets. Through a variety of mechanisms, including allowing advertisers to sponsor data directly for users, and by creating a microlending platform using our new ERC20 cryptocurrency the “AirToken”, mobile data becomes cheaper and more accessible for millions of users.

What is the scale of this challenge?

We will be targeting a global audience of consumers, with a potential market size of trillions of dollars USD. We will begin in Latin America, specifically Brazil and Mexico.

How does AirFox turn this challenge into an opportunity?

Unbanked, lower-economic class people in emerging markets lack access to capital, lack formal employment history, salary information, verified property records, and other typical data points. However, they do have a smart phone, with tens of thousands of data points we can analyze. From this mobile asset, we will use machine learning to create a “credit score” used to identify the creditworthiness of users. This will be used to offer microloans and enhanced data targeting for advertisers. We are taking millions of people who are currently too risky for credit markets and getting them access to capital in the form of mobile data.

Can you showcase some team members/advisors which have a strong background? What is their connection with this particular project?

Victor Santos
Co-Founder, CEO
Victor is an ex-Googler, UC Berkeley alum, and telecom entrepreneur. He began working with VoIP at iWorldServices, opening their LatAM division, then co-founded Ciao Telecom where he launched a platform for VoIP entrepreneurs and an advertising-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). After growing Ciao Telecom to double digits million in revenue, he joined Google working on product and marketing for AdWords agencies program.

Sara Choi
Sara is an ex-Googler, Harvard alum, and award winning product manager and marketer. She began at YouTube where she launched a new product feature that increased CSAT by 545%. She went on to become Google’s youngest Media Lead managing YouTube’s Media Team and $72M budget, launching campaigns like YouTube’s Comedy Week. Sara led Product at Ciao Telecom where she and Victor launched a mobile network virtual operator.

James Seibel
James is formerly a Software Architect at Lola Travel (founded by Kayak co-founder), Head of Engineering at Apperian (acquired by Arxan Technologies), MS and BA in Computer Science from Boston University. James has architected and developed a range of technologies, including mobile app hardening using algorithms to rewrite compiled application binaries to automatically add crypto for US and German governments. James is a blockchain engineer and Ethereum contract author.

Team member names, Twitter and LinkedIn links:

Victor Santos Co-founder and CEO –
Sarah Choi Co-founder –
James Seibel – CTO –
Emanuel Moecklin – Chief Software Archetict –
Christine To – Director of Business Operations –
Tiago Passinato – Principal Software Engineer –

ICO Proceeds

Does AirFox have any strategic partnerships?

We have existing relationships with 3 US telecom providers including Life Wireless and i-wireless. We have partnerships with multiple data transfer networks and data access partners giving us direct mobile connections to over 500 global pre-paid wireless providers and over 5 billion SIM cards.

Does AirFox have a viable product at this time?

Our existing US business has been operating for over a year with over 2 million unique users. Our business-to-consumer apps, AirFox Recharge and AirFox Browser, are in the app store but are for demo purposes to ICO purchasers.

What is the status or this product? (Alpha Beta or production)

How many users are actively using this product?

Our US telecom business has over 2 million unique users. Our new business to consumer platform is in beta and we wouldn’t consider any users of that product active users, they are testing it out for demo purposes.

What is the structure of the ICO? (Bonuses, Dates, Market Cap)

Pre-sale closed, $6.5million raised. September 19th, 14:00 UTC (10:00am EST) the public ICO begins, $0-2million 30% bonus, $2-4million 20% bonus, $4-8million 10% bonus, over $8million no bonus. 1.5 billion AirTokens minted total, 30% for AirFox reserve, 70% (1.05billion) for public including the pre-sale tokens. Normal price is 50 AIR per $1 USD equivalent in ETH. Therefore market cap at launch would be $30million USD.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

ETH wallet and Ethereum software able to communicate to the smart contract. Agree to our terms and conditions, if in USA must be accredited investor.

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

Token holders can send their AIR to users to redeem for mobile data. They can also use them to issue microloans once that platform is created. They will also eventually be able to advertise to users directly using AIR.

Was there a pre-ico?



ICO bonuses


What is the price of the pre-ico and the price of the ico?

Price was the same but for minimum $30k USD purchase the bonus in the pre-ico was 35%, higher pre-sale purchase went up to 45% bonus at $300k USD. We capped investment at $1million USD per pre-sale purchaser.

How many tokens will be issued?

1.5billion total, 30% (450million) for AirFox, 70% (1.05bil) for the public.

Is there a cap on the ICO?

$15m soft cap, $21m hard cap. We won’t mint more than 1.5billion AirTokens total.

Would you like to add any further info?

By participating in this ICO and holding AIR, you are expanding access to mobile data and airtime for users throughout the world. Our mission is to make digital services cheaper and accessible for emerging markets. This is a company that has a mission to help people in addition to making a profit.


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