Attention Bitcoin Holders. Urgent Message (11/02/2017)

Directed Acyclic Graph
Directed Acyclic Graph

Today the 11/02/17 is your chance to earn free Bytes and Black Bytes from the “ICO” of Byteball. You only need to prove you hold Bitcoins to receive Bytes and BlackBytes

ByteBall is the next generation cryptocurrency which uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) instead of BlockChain.

You can claim yout ByteBall from here : ByteBall Wallet

Byteball has a different blockchain structure than Bitcoin:

Directed Acyclic Graph
Directed Acyclic Graph- ByteBall
Ttradtiional Blockchain
Traditional Blockchain – Bitcoin

Advantages of DAG and ByteBall

  • Faster┬ápartial confirmations
  • More Scalable
  • ByteBall forks are impossible

Another Cryptocurrency that uses DAG is IOTA.

Byteball’s┬áservices will include:

  • user readable smart contracts.
  • cryptocurrency wallets
  • bot supported marketplace
  • private untraceable currency
  • encrypted chat

Byteball has a maximum cap of 10^15 bytes, out of which 99% are to be distributed in multiple rounds.

More Information about Byteball: