Earn An Income From Good Content With LBRY.

Content is king. This is a mantra often repeated in the online marketing world. Quality content attracts eyeballs and those eyeballs usually have a wallet attached to them. Quality content is king because it attracts quality eyeballs!

Most content is monetised through advertising; when this happens the reader cannot know where the loyalty of the writer lies. Is it to the reader or the advertiser? LBRY is here to change and challenge this. When a reader pays the content creator directly, then the reader can be sure that his or her best interest is being served by the writer. The writer or creator of content has a vested interest in his readers and to no one else.

This investment idea is not to speculate in LBRY credits, in fact, LBRY Inc. is not seeking speculative purchasers of LBRY credits. LBRY credits are not intended as an investment vehicle. The only encouraged purchase of LBRY credits is for usage of the LBRY protocol and LBRY network.

This investment idea is to let loose the writer within and turn those keystrokes into LBRY credits. Your quality and creative content can be turned into LBRY credits if readers are willing to pay for it. It’s all about understanding what your readers want to read about and in what style they want to do that.
Jeremy Kauffman, CEO and founder of LBRY has answered our questions about LBRY. We thank him for his time.

What problem is LBRY trying to solve?

LBRY is about content freedom. LBRY provides completely decentralised content discovery, distribution and purchase. Via LBRY, creators and publishers can distribute their content, receive 100% of the profit, and not worry about middlemen, censorship, or the rules of the game changing unilaterally.

How big is this problem in financial terms and demographic terms?

The majority of the world consumes digital content. Over $2 trillion dollars per year is spent purchasing the types of digital content that LBRY facilitates distributing.

Could this system have been developed with Bitcoin, why was a native coin needed?

LBRY is not anti-Bitcoin. As a protocol, LBRY doesn’t care how any two parties pay, so long as they agree on the method. So payments via Bitcoin are 100% encouraged by LBRY.

LBRY uses a separate blockchain to maintain it’s catalogue of content. This could not have been done via Bitcoin. There’s more on this issue here.

In which ways can investors profit from the LBRY ecosystem? (this is the core question)

LBRY credits are not an investment offering. Creators can profit by making usage of the LBRY protocol.

What is the time line for the LBRY platform?

LBRY already is live, but in semi-closed beta. Clever users who understand what a Github release page is can find LBRY binaries if they so choose. We haven’t publicly and openly released LBRY because it is somewhat buggy, and we want to improve the experience before pushing mainstream adoption.

On which exchanges can investors buy LBRY coins?

Users of LBRY can purchase credits from Poloniex, Bittrex, Shapeshift, and others. However, there are also ways to get credits without buying them. See here for all the ways one can attain LBRY credits.

Will there be more issuance of coins in the future?

No, never.

How can LBRY sustain itself?

LBRY has retained 10% of credits for profit and operational purchases. So far it has spent zero of these and will spend zero in 2017. LBRY is funded by mainstream startup investments, and likely will be some time. LBRY, Inc. can earn additional profits by providing services on top of the open-source protocol.

Where can readers and content creators find our more about LBRY?

Just Visit : LBRY