Enigma / Catalyst : Algorithmic Trading And Data Market

Enigma will launch an ICO on the 21st of August 2017. This ICO will provide funding to develop the Enigma platform. The first product of the Engima platform is Catalyst an Algorithmic trading and Data Marketplace.

Interview with Tor Bair Head of Growth and Marketing:

What are the three main challenges that Enigma is providing solutions for?

In the short term, we’re democratizing algorithmic trading and investing for cryptocurrencies. Our alpha, where you can backtest trading strategies, is already live – www.enigma.co/catalyst. Catalyst builds on top of our data marketplace for crypto-relevant financial data.

Our long term vision focuses on expanding our decentralized, open, secure data marketplace to include all types of data. Building this universal data marketplace is the primary aim of Enigma more broadly.

The exchange market is probably one of the most competitive niches in the crypto space, what does Enigma bring into this space which is not covered already by other projects?

Our long-term vision focuses on the data marketplace. Data is what powers not just the financial markets but nearly everything in the modern world. It is the primary fuel and most valuable asset of our technologized society. Building a large-scale, decentralized, open, secure data marketplace gives us the opportunity to build many products like Catalyst.

Is Enigma in direct competition with other centralised and decentralised exchanges?

We don’t believe so – read our explanation above.

Enigmas first product is Catalyst, will other products be developed on this platform, or will there be other completely new products?

Our vision is to continue to build new products and solutions on top of our data marketplace using our utility token (ECAT). We believe successful projects need to have near-term utility, and Catalyst serves an immediate need for the crypto community.

Will the top list of algo will show rankings on how it performed in back testing?


The platform is sticky. That is that quants that build a following and followers of quants need the platform to make a profitable relationship. How will Enigma ensure that this model is sustainable in the long term?

By expanding our decentralized data marketplace and bringing new stakeholders into the ecosystem, we will continue to grow the value of our platforms. Our engaged community is and will be a significant part of our strength.

What is a quant?

A quantitative trader, developer, or data scientist that uses data to produce profitable trading and investment strategies.

What are the three main advantages for the users of Catalyst?

Tor Bair Head of Growth and Marketing @ Enigma

Quants save time and energy by using our tools for strategy creation and testing. Data curators are connected with demand for the data they supply to the community. Investors find profitable strategies they may not otherwise have access to. The entire ecosystem works together, aligned by the data marketplace.

What is the structure of the ICO?

There is an ongoing presale. Minimum buy-in is USD100K or equivalent in ETH. If you are a US citizen, you have to be an accredited investor otherwise you are fine if you can meet the minimum amount. We are giving 20% discount if you are willing to lock 50% of your tokens for 1 year or 10% discount if you want to get the tokens right away. The discount structure will change in time. We can take fiat or ETH.

 The crowdsale begins August 21. We are whitelisting members of our Slack and Telegram communities.

How many coins will be in existence when the system starts?

100 million tokens.

 Are there processes in the system which creates new coins?


 How will the profits be used?

The funding from our token sale is used as follows:

  • 60% for product and technology development
  • 15% for blockchain research
  • 10% for operations
  • 10% for marketing purposes
  • 5% for legal and administrative costs

What are the main drivers for the ECAT token to rise in value?

As is true for all well-designed utility tokens, the growth of our data marketplace and Catalyst platform should increase demand for ECAT.

What are the main events for Enigma in 2017 and 2018?

Our alpha is already released, and we will continue to update our product over time. We are aggressively expanding the team after our token sale concludes. We’re updating our roadmap based on our funding, but it’s available in our announcement thread on BitcoinTalk. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2052215.0

You are hiring, what talent are you looking for?

Primarily engineers. You can fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEXm0UbynSQVQarpCxEUN7NaXw-4fY9Rt1jiW7qkFrU5yU7w/viewform

For more information on Enigma please visit: https://www.enigma.co/

We thank Tor Bair for the interview.