The Power Of Social Media For ICOs

Social media has taken a significant part of our regular lives. We post pictures of our experiences or voice our opinions on platforms like Facebook & Twitter. Initial coin offerings are taking full advantage of this. Most people have their friends and family connected to their social media’s, so whatever you share your network sees it. Many Airdrop and bounty campaigns of ICO’s now require to follow them on social media. It increases brand awareness, creates a meaningful connection with customers, and offers the opportunity to reach a wider audience. All this with just one mouse click.

Why does this help an ICO?

  • Know your audience. Is there a better way to learn more about your audience? Through social media a lot of information is easy to track. The likes and dislikes, engagement with other channels, comments and more. The more information available about the audience the better an ICO can target them.
  • Social channels need to be active to be effective. ICO’s want likes, shares, comments and engage with the people. This will create the fundament of their community and for the public, it shows there is interest in the ICO and their product.
  • Traffic to website. It is easier to direct traffic to the website of ICO through social media channels.
  • Brand awareness. With ICO’s starting left and right they are looking to create big numbers across all social channels to create brand awareness. An ICO with 50k followers looks more interesting than an ICO with 2k followers, right?

Airdrops to grow social channels

The new trend of ICOs is to distribute an airdrop to people who join their social channels. They give you a reward in tokens by simply following them on Twitter or Telegram. Not bad right? Every airdrop has their own set of rules. Usually it is quite easy to join. claims to never miss a free crypto airdrop again! They have listed over 1000 airdrops and have daily social post about airdrops on Twitter & Telegram

Bounties to engage with social channels

Bounties are often used to engage on social media. There are social campaigns where you get paid in tokens to regularly share, comment, post about an ICO on your own social media. This is an extension on the airdrop concept and helps to create a core community of people who are interested in the ICO. If you are looking to do a bit more work for tokens in the form of bounties, have a look at