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BeReal Refutes Declining User Report, Claims 25 Million Daily Users

BeReal disputes report of declining users, claiming 25 million daily users. Despite competition, BeReal aims to attract a larger user base with new features.

Pilot The AI-Powered All-in-One Social Trip-Planning Platform

Discover, plan, and share your trips with Pilot, the all-in-one social trip-planning platform powered by AI. Revolutionizing the way people plan and share their trips, Pilot connects people through travel.

WestBridge Capital In Discussions To Acquire Stake In Meesho

Get the latest update on WestBridge Capital's talks to buy a stake in Meesho, a social commerce startup. Find out about the negotiation process and the discounted valuation of Meesho, as well as the potential implications for the company's future.

Norway Pushes For Extension Of Ban On Meta’s Consentless Tracking Ads Across The EU

Protect citizens' data: Norway's data protection authority seeks extension of ban on Meta's consentless tracking ads across the EU. Learn more here.

Mistral AI Releases First Large Language Model For Free Access

Discover Mistral AI's groundbreaking release of Mistral 7B, the first large language model available for free. Outperforming other models, Mistral 7B can be downloaded via torrent, empowering individuals and corporations. With Mistral AI's commitment to open AI, this release marks an exciting advancement in language models.
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