6 Top Types Of YouTube Videos To Grow Your Startup

6 Top Types of YouTube Videos to Grow Your Startup
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Besides Google, YouTube is a reckoning force in the search engine program. It’s astute for your startup to capitalize on the most prevalent and largest video content platform to bolster its chances of success. By creating relevant content, you can communicate directly to your intended target audience, reach a broad audience and convert views to sales.

In the current fast-paced modernization era, businesses and brands must rely on digital marketing services to remain competitive and match customer expectations. Akin to Email marketing, YouTube is a cost-effective and ideal marketing tool for all businesses. And more to that, you expose your startup to billions of users who visit this platform daily.

Why Your Startup Should Use Youtube

YouTube is more than just an entertainment platform. It has grown into an indispensable business resource.

Other than being the most popular video platform, YouTube is free. Unlike traditional media, where you have to spend a lot of money and resources for your content to go viral, you can start a YouTube business channel, create well-crafted and creative content advertising your brand. With simple clicks, users can share your video, and it might spread like wildfire.

YouTube allows you to demonstrate how your product/services apply in real-time. This is particularly helpful to people who prefer learning from short videos rather than reading reviews or lengthy manuals. Also, prospective buyers are likely to purchase a product/service after seeing it in action.

Also, YouTube comes in handy for startups that have to train employees and product training. For instance, if you have your team dispersed across multiple locations, uploading a short series of training or instruction videos will save you costs and resources you might have spent on travels.

Your target audience can watch, share and even comment on your videos. This is an incredible opportunity to engage with prospective buyers or existing clients directly on your channel. You can act on the appropriate user feedback they leave in the comment section to improve your services and products to meet customer expectations.

YouTube offers insight where you can gauge how your videos are performing. Similar to Google Analytics. You can use this information to make knowledgeable decisions about a marketing campaign.

There is more than just having a video to post on your YouTube business channel. As mentioned, your content has to be relatable, perfectly crafted, and helpful. The following types of videos can easily attract the attention of your audience.

Top Types of YouTube Videos to Grow Your Startup

1. Tutorials

‘How To’ videos offer your startup an excellent opportunity to show off its products while illustrating how to put them into use effectively. In turn, you showcase your excellent customer service.

A good tutorial video should solve customers’ queries about your product. Demonstrate the problem your product solves in a short, clear, and concise video.

2. Product in Action Videos

Product presentation videos showcase the design and functions of your product/service. The best method to exhibit your product’s key features is by showing it in use by other customers. 

Product in action videos should tell an organized, well-worth, and engaging story. You can use a storyboard to explain your product effectively. Also, with adequate resources, you can hire professional voice-over artists to compellingly demonstrate your product into use.

It’s vital to incorporate your startup’s logo or brand colors in product presentation videos.

3. FAQs

Frequently asked questions are a great way to improve the clientele experience. Even better, it’s more engaging to present helpful information in video format and get involved with your target audience.

First, understand the type of queries and problems users face using your product and your competitors. Surveys, questions on social media sites, issues your sales team spends a significant time addressing are ideal places to gather queries.

In a short, concise, and accurate script, solve their problems. In some cases, complicated questions are often neglected. Stand out by offering detailed writing alongside your video for questions that need comprehensive solutions.

Answering FAQ questions genuinely and accurately create a solid reputation for your startup as a reliable and trustworthy brand. 

4. Reviews and Testimonials

Authentic and unscripted testimonials from satisfied and existing customers give your startup credibility and foster a genuine connection with potential buyers and target audiences.

Other people sharing their thoughts on your product is one of the best marketing techniques and improves your startup’s awareness.

Additionally, prospective buyers are more confident in the product they are purchasing if other customers praise the product. Slightly different from a testimonial, reviews focus on your product rather than the story behind it. 

The best way to get your clientele to leave video reviews and testimonials is by offering small incentives. Loyalty points, free shipping on the next purchase or discounted percentage are popular incentives ideas.

5. Shopping Hauls

Haul videos on YouTube are progressively gaining popularity. Both beneficial to influencers and, importantly, your startup, shopping haul videos spread awareness of your brand and products.

Partner with an ideal influencer for your brand. When an influencer shares their experience shopping for your product and discussing their qualities, his/her viewers are likely to fancy the item and make a purchase. 

6. Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes, videos open your world to your target audience. In a way, customers feel like they are getting to know you. Sharing a glance of how your business works and runs build trust and engagement with your target audience. 

Also, show off the team involved in running your business. For instance, if your startup is in the hotel industry, share videos of the chefs preparing food. Ask them to talk openly about their experience in the field. You can create a film of your team working together and interacting socially.

Such content humanizes your startup, in turn, building trust around your and your products.

Final Thought

Initially, your first video may not get many clicks on YouTube. This may be frustrating but shouldn’t deter you from creating unique, relatable, well-crafted, and exciting content. Every type of content you create will take time, but consistency and great quality will ensure you continue getting more audience who are also potential customers for your startup.