BATA & BBP: A Crypto Based Barter & Profit Shares Platform

Bata stands for Barter (sounds like it). BTA has 4 members in the Development, one who is the Founder since 2015 and 3 developers who joined the team in 2017,

BTA & Bata Barter Platform Team


RICHARD HEIN – Lead Developer

  JASON DAVID – Developer

  JUSTIN PERCY – Developer
The three core modules of BATA are:

  1. Decentralised Cryptocurrency (Bata)
  2. Bata Profit Shares Platform – see whitepaper.
  3. BBP Bata Barter Platform – see whitepaper.

Bata Cryptocurrency – BTA

BATA the cryptocurrency was launched on the 8th May 2015. It did not have a premine, it was not customary to do so at the time. It functions like a regular cryptocurrency, it will soon change the method by which it is mined. Pow/Pos Hybrid wallet & Masternodes will become part of the mining process. In order to create a BATA masternodes investors require 10k BTA. Staking Rewards for Pow/Pos when holding min 1000 BTA:

Bata Profit Shares Platform

This is currently being developed, the launch date is scheduled to happen on July 1st, 2017. This will allow users to purchase & create bond like financial instruments using blockchain technologies. Variable, programmable investment terms and flexible rates of return can be created using a new technology for smart-contracts. Profit Shares can generate a yield to the holder of these instruments and provide a transparent, affordable, easy to use platform for investment funds, businesses and even governments. One can think of the Profit Shares Platform like an ultra advanced version of kickstarter while integrating peer to peer exchanges for digital financial assets.

Profit Shares will also work through a node system, but these nodes will not require any coins to be operated. A web-server running PHP, and general web-development experience. Secondary nodes will be compatible with Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and other devices. No coins will be required to run these services – if you’re running a primary node then you have the ability to charge user-fees on your own terms. We’re going the let the free-market decide ROI on running network nodes for Profit Shares, There will be no direct network fees implemented during the initial launch but this feature may be introduced in the future depending on community developments.

Demo Custom fund front page:
Demo Account features and layout:

Bata Barter Platform – BBP

The development for this has started, but funding is required for development to work fulltime on BBP. Key parts of the barter platform are ubernodes and BBP Tokens. These will require a deposit of BATA or BBP token in order to have an account opened. Currently the development team are strongly considering to develop the barter platform on Stratis.

The BATA Masternode types

Platform Masternode Coin Type Coins Needed
BATA Y 10,000 BATA
Primary Nodes

Profit Shares Platform

No Coins needed
Secondary Nodes

Profit Shares Platform

No Coins needed
Ubernodes Undisclosed Undisclosed

Future Development

The BATA development team will be introducing a side-chain framework that will allow for ease of integration for existing blockchain technologies, and standardizing new application developments for cross-platform development. More information can be found here This is primarily advantage in connection with the Bata Barter Platform and the Bata Profit Shares Platform is The Profit Share v2 will be p2p and will be integrated into the Bata Barter Platform.

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