CryptF : CryptoFund Backed By Stocks And Bonds.

Interview with Anton Tenitskiy CryptF CEO

What is CryptF?

At CryptF we are launching new cryptocurrency backed by stocks and bonds. It will make it very easy for crypto coin holders to invest in real-world assets that provide relatively steady growth.

What are the qualities of the team members that make them the right people to manage CryptF?

Our team has a lot of experience in STEM field which is paired with the expertise of our advisors in traditional stock and emerging blockchain markets. This makes us confident in delivering the product.

Where is CryptF based and under which jurisdiction does it trade?

Before answering this questing it is important to note that we do not trade as a broker or asset tokenized platform. CryptF backs crypto coins by buying and holding assets. It allows minimizing legal trouble in future.

CryptF is based in New Zealand. However, global crypto jurisdiction keeps changing every month so we are planning to register at the end of the ICO period. We are looking at Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland or even New Zealand.

Can you briefly explain the difference between these tokens?

  • CryptF coin
  • CFIT coin
  • CFBND coin
  • CFGM coin

If you own CryptF coin (CRFT) that makes you eligible for the part of CryptF income that is generated from commissions that we earn during buying and selling of all other coins.
CFIT and CFGM are composed of different stocks of various well-performing companies. CFBND is made of bonds of developing countries for the most risk-averse clients. CFBND shows the slowest growth but in case of big crisis, it has more potential to hold its value.

How will dividends from the assets be managed – will it be through token dividends, token buybacks or buying more assets?

Dividends will be invested in the coins to proportionally increase individual company share and coin price.

Will there be a cap on these coins or will more demand generate more coins?

There is no planned cap and we will emit new coins as long as there is a demand. The coin/stock ratio is detailed in our white paper. For instance, CFIT consists of 22% Facebook, 22% Amazon, 17% Apple, 21% Netflix, 18% Google (Alphabet)

Will the assets be rebalanced, how often will this process take place?

The only rebalancing will happen during the dividend payouts.

Will it be up to the market to manage the price of the coins as compared to that of the underlying assets?

Yes, the coin price is hard-linked to the market price of the underlying assets. We will not be able to influence coin valuation in any way.

How will CryptF sustain itself?

We will earn money through buy and sell commission of our coins, coin support.

What are the advantages of participating in the pre-ICO / ICO rather than buying afterwards?

You get a bonus for any purchase during pre-ICO / ICO. Up to 40% in pre-ICO.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

As long as you have an Ethereum wallet and it is legal in your country you can take part in it.

What are thoughts on the valuation of the FAANG stocks at this time?

We’ve planned to have a coin backed by FAANG stocks early this year and it is still showing growth as we speak. We are quite confident in this index for years to come.

What is the best advice you have received or given?

Big things have small beginnings.

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We thank Anton Tenitskiy for the interview