Dock’s Mainnet Launches Next Week

Dock is launching its mainnet on September 30, 2020, to provide a decentralized network for credential issuing and verification. By leveraging Dock’s blockchain technology, organizations can issue digital credentials that are cryptographically secured and universally verifiable. 

Dock’s blockchain is custom-built and utilizes a proof of authority consensus mechanism. Currently, there are fifteen independent validators running the network which provide the decentralized infrastructure and ensures network security. Dock also provides advanced tooling for credential issuing via an open-source SDK to enable developers to easily integrate and build applications.

The launch of Dock’s mainnet is a major step for the project as the team begins to work with several organizations that are integrating Dock’s technology. Dock’s credentialing solution is built to be general-purpose and applicable across various use cases to issue, present, and verify credentials. Examples of relevant use cases include diplomas and transcripts for higher education, workforce licenses and proof of employment, and authorizations and tracking goods along a supply chain.

In order to promote adoption across industries, Dock incorporates well-known credentialing standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is an international organization established by internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee. Data standards ensure that data is captured in a format that is optimized for both securing and sharing the data across the internet and allows Dock credentials to be interoperable with any technology using W3C standards.

The Dock team has been working swiftly through their published roadmap and delivering milestones accordingly. This has included launching a testnet that has been live since April, releasing schema support and interoperability features, and a validator tesnet last month. In addition, the team established the Dock Association, which is a Swiss non-profit to oversee the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Dock network. The Dock Association is funded by a treasury of Dock tokens to ensure funding for future development and marketing expenses.

Alongside token holders, the Dock Association will also participate in governance of the network via both on-chain and off-chain mechanisms. As the network evolves, including moving to a Proof of Stake network in 2021, governance will also evolve to be more decentralized. Token holders will submit proposals and vote on various aspects of the network including updating network functionality and incentives, managing treasury spend, and encouraging adoption.

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