Hexa Studio Reveals Startups Redefining Enterprise Tech

Amidst the cobblestone streets and the buzzing tech scene of Paris, Hexa, previously known as eFounders, is rolling out the red carpet for its latest ensemble of startups. This eclectic mix—spanning from savvy enterprise SaaS to a pioneering blockchain data startup—is redefining the future of work and beyond.

Hexa’s evolution from a SaaS-focused incubator to a multifaceted startup studio is a tale of adaptability and foresight. Its alumni, such as Front, Spendesk, and Aircall, exemplify innovation. As Hexa expands, it diversifies its horizons, now sheltering eFounders for workplace tech, 3founders for Web3 ventures, and Logic Founders for fintech innovations.

Having launched over 40 startups in the last decade, Hexa has sculpted a landscape where its ventures have collectively attained valuations cresting $5 billion. However, it’s not just about starting up; it’s about stirring up the right mix of ideas, people, and relentless iteration. In its nurturing cocoon, Hexa offers a year’s worth of wisdom on product design, market strategies, hiring, and fundraising, before these fledglings spread their wings in the seed funding sky.

With a solid 30% stake post-seed investment, Hexa—guided by co-founder and CEO Thibaud Elziere—allocates a slice of this equity pie to the studio’s founder, ensuring everyone has skin in the game.

Let’s peek into Hexa’s latest trailblazers:

Riverflow: The Blockchain Data Maestro

Conceived within Hexa’s Web3 studio, 3founders, Riverflow is an orchestration wizard for blockchain data. It’s on a mission to simplify how data analysts harvest and harness data from smart contracts, transactions, and wallets, funneling it all seamlessly into data warehouses and analytics tools. Think of it as the Segment for blockchain, promising to democratize access to this gold mine of information.

Okko: Procurement, Simplified

At a time when every penny counts, Okko emerges as a breath of fresh air for procurement processes. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Okko ingeniously integrates with legacy systems like Oracle NetSuite, rejuvenating the vendor portals and purchase order interfaces for a modern workforce.

Catalog: The B2B Wholesale Revolution

Catalog is shedding new light on the B2B wholesale world with a digital-first approach. It’s out with the cumbersome Excel sheets and in with a centralized, online catalog that makes wholesale ordering slick, smart, and integrated, right into the ERP systems.

RingX: Empowering Corporate Know-How

RingX, still cloaked under a codename, is envisioning a future where corporate knowledge is shared and leveraged across borders. This platform is all about connecting professionals and facilitating peer-to-peer learning, tapping into collective wisdom to solve complex problems.

Kiosk: WhatsApp’s Business Booster

Kiosk is gearing up to transform how businesses engage with customers on WhatsApp. With enhanced features for customer acquisition and support, Kiosk is extending the functionality of WhatsApp Business, enabling companies to craft a more personal and efficient customer communication experience.

Tengo: The French Public Tender Aggregator

Tengo steps into the limelight as a beacon for French companies navigating the maze of public tenders. It’s not just about alerts; it’s about leveraging AI to craft compelling responses to both public and private tenders, a must-have for firms whose lifelines are intertwined with government contracts.

And the story doesn’t end here. Hexa is already simmering two more projects, TopiX and GPTX, mobile-first and AI-powered tools respectively, currently awaiting the perfect founders to bring them to life.

Hexa’s ongoing quest is a testament to the transformative power of tech incubators in the ever-evolving startup landscape. Each new batch of startups is a fresh wave of innovation, destined to disrupt industries and redefine how we work and interact with technology.

Engage with the Innovators

Hexa’s doors are open, inviting not just investors and collaborators, but also visionary founders ready to lead their nascent ideas into tomorrow’s tech stalwarts. In a world where change is the only constant, Hexa stands as a pillar of pioneering thought and action, charting the course for the next generation of enterprise solutions.