NODEShare: Host Your $SYNX $EXCL $ARC $BSD $CRAVE $INSN $NTRN Masternodes.

Interview with the co-owners of NODEShare a masternode hosting service.

What services do you offer?

Currently we offer masternode hosting. We provide installation, support and VPS hosting for clients so that our clients can easily maintain masternodes on their own computer wallet. We have had many requests, so we are currently building out a platform for fully-hosted masternodes which is scheduled to go live in Q4.

What is the price for your services?

Our net prices start at $6.40 per masternode per month for 12 months, $8 per month for 3 months. We also offer attractive volume discounts and we have a reputation for being whale-friendly.

NODEshare is one of only two Certified Byteball Merchants currently, so ALL of our clients receive 10%-30% rebates in Byteball Gbytes. 10+% if they pay in BTC, 20+% if they pay in Gbytes.

We do not accept fiat and we do not sell crypto for fiat.

What are the challenges to self-host a master node?

3 Challenges come to mind.

The biggest one is security, if you host your masternode over your own static IP – you are broadcasting your home network IP across the network along with an open port. The 2nd is that you cannot close your wallet or computer. Once the wallet is shutdown your masternode payouts stop. The alternative is to setup a VPS, it acts as a 24/7 node for masternode network.

However if you go down the route of setting up your own VPS, this is usually only accomplished by very technical people. There are many tutorials out there to set up masternodes but it still requires some ability to manage command line editors and if a command goes wrong users get stuck.

What should those interested in hosting a masternode look for in a mastered hosting provider?

We recommend paying for the level of service that you require. Some services provide little more than VPS hosting repackaged as masternode hosting which is fine for programmers and those comfortable with linux. NODEshare is a customer-focused provider. We go above and beyond to setup our clients and will try whatever we can to get their masternode up and running. NODEshare offers a service called Advanced Installation where we can install all of your masternodes on your computer using screenshare.

Which Masternodes do you currenlty host?

  • Syndicate (SYNX)
  • Exclusive (EXCL)
  • Arctic (ARC)
  • Bitsend (BSD)
  • Neutron (NTRN)

Which Masternodes will you be hosting soon?

  • Terracoin – At launch
  • Helium – At launch
  • DAS (DAS)
  • Digital Price (DP)
  • Memetic (MEME)
  • Renos (RNS)
  • Wagerr

Which other masternode coins are on your radar and why?

We both seek coins that offer something more than just masternodes and ZEN & MEME are both our top 7 positions. ZEN will soon launch Secure Nodes and have anonymous features that will exceed ZCash. We really like that MEME has separated from PEPE and will be using a type of Counterparty platform to create assets.

Cryptosandwich : Terracoin is adding masternodes and governance right out of the gate. It was a coin even before I got into in crypto in 2013, so it has my attention. Also Helium, is going to be part of a 2 for 1 from Spreadcoin – if they execute the plan it could be a very special project with masternodes and service nodes.

Longestline: I would second Terracoin – they have invested a lot of time and effort into their new coin. The Terracoin platform will be solid and should provide good returns for the investors. Syscoin is another coin to watch. With Microsoft as a partner this should be a solid investment that will see its value increase over time. Perfect to lock away in a masternode and earn steady dividends. And in my spare time I scour the abyss of altcoin exchanges to find coins that have been neglected by the community but that have masternode technology already built-in.

What is a Certified Byteball Merchant?

NODEshare is currently one of two Byteball Merchants than can distribute rebates. Byteball is a top 50 marketcap crypto currency who has had an aggressive, ongoing airdrop strategy. In October, Byteball is bypassing the monthly airdrop to focus on merchant acceptance and utilizing merchants to rebate Gbytes while raising awareness for the project. As a Certified Byteball Merchant we give between 10% – 30% cashback in Gbyte to our clients on every purchase.

If you had 20,000 USD to invest in masternodes, what investment strategy would you use?

We’d focus on middle and lower-cap masternodes which offer the highest returns and the $20K budget will keep you out of the higher caps.

It’s important to look at ROI but also look at the % of coins locked. ROI drops when there are more more masternodes on the network, so make sure it’s a coin you’d be comfortable staying in for the long term. The higher the percentage of a coins supply locked in masternodes, the less coins available in exchanges. Masternode payouts can change rapidly and dramatically based on the total number of masternodes.

Are customers informed when one of their master nodes goes down?

If it is a VPS issue, yes. They are informed quickly – we rebuild it and get it restarted on the client side.

If the client breaks the masternode we usually catch it. We will be adding monitoring components to our feature set in the coming months.

Do you also host PIVX, Neos, Transfer coins on special requests?

We do not.

We have done some special requests for clients, but I don’t think we’ll continue to. Each coin requires commitment from our side to keep up with their roadmap and releases. We need to be certain that the coin has a future and can be supported easily. At the same time it’s important that the wallet is stable and the client can setup the masternode using one of our existing guides as a template.

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