Cryptosphere October Market Report: ICOs, Mining and More.

Crypto Market Report.

ICOs and TGEs

Indahash (You heard about it here first!)

An ERC20 token. Indahash, a platform which allows companies to hire social influencers. The company has a thriving ecosystem;1119 conducted campaigns, 342 795 registered users, operates in 70 markets and have worked with the likes of Adidas, Ariel and Nivea.

Dragon Chain, currently live

Dragon Blockchain. Dragon chain is a platform which offers smart contracts. It has been developed by Disney and has been battle tested in Disneys fun parks. Dragon chain is a scalable and serverless platform which has security built into its core. Java, Python, Node and C# are used to develop smart contracts on DragonChain.

Dragon chain has tested pre-built smart contracts libraries and an ecosystem of qualified vendors and specialized experts.

Spectre, ICO @ 27/10/2017

An ERC20 token. Spectre plans to build a platform for Digital Options, Forex and CFD trading. The token holders will open the decentralised and autonomous liquidity pool, and this makes Forex trading scalable and possible. Spectre tokens will generate a return to their token holders.

Datum, ICO @ 14:00 UTC 17/10/2017

An ERC20 token. Datum is a platform which gives value to data. Data from Cars, personal health devices, mobile phones are of value to those seeking to give us better products and services. Datum will enable users to sell their data. PayPie plans to introduce credit risk assessment for SMEs. These credit ratings are important for those doing business /ith SMEs such/

PayPie, ICO @ 13:00 UTC 08/10/2017

PayPie plans to introduce credit risk assessment for SMEs. These credit ratings are important for those doing business with SMEs such as lenders and those issuing invoices the to them. Pay pie tokens will generate a return.

The above is not financial advice, make sure to carry out ICO Due Diligence and evaluate all ICO Risks.


Caradano has jumped into the top 20 this week. This is a PoS smart contract blockchain which has been in development for several years. It’s funding mainly has all come from Asia. It is currently being traded on Bittrex.

Exscudo, is currently in testnet phase, the testing is going well. The platform will be launched in 2018. This coin is currently not being traded, but keep an eye on it.

CryptoCurrency Mining

Genesis mining has issued early bird Zcoin mining contracts. See more info

Genesis mining is out of Bitcoin Mining Contracts but Hashflare does have these contracts on sale.

Buying Gold with Bitcoin

The Crypto market is volatile because it is a very competitive marketplace. Gold, on the other hand, the old relic only competes with silver in the precious metals market. is it time to take some crypto profits and invest them with a security firm operating in Switzerland; Check out Vaultoro.

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