Olamedi Transforming Health Clinic Communication With Innovative Tech

Seattle’s health tech scene welcomes Olamedi, a fledgling startup led by CEO Daniel Sarfati and COO Noah Loudon, poised to reshape communication processes within healthcare clinics through innovative software.

Sarfati’s tenure at Amazon and Knock, coupled with his role as the co-founder and CTO of Mexico City’s HelloDoctor, brings invaluable experience. Loudon, a University of Washington graduate, boasts a decade at Kotis Design and held the VP of sales position at HelloDoctor.

At its core, Olamedi aims to automate patient communication and meticulously track outcomes within a unified platform. What sets Olamedi apart is its seamless integration, enabling clinics to harness its capabilities without disruptive software changes. It replaces traditional front-desk interactions with intelligent questionnaires and adaptable workflows.

Securing $80,000 in a SAFE financing round, Olamedi garnered support from investors like Jamie McAvity, CEO of Cormint Data Systems, a prior investor in Knock. To fortify their vision, Sarfati and Loudon infused $400,000 of their own capital into the venture.

The founders emphasize ongoing collaboration with partners to refine and rigorously test their platform. Their target is a Q4 2024 launch, promising an innovative solution poised to revolutionize clinic operations.