Neuromation: AI Masternodes

Interview with Maxim Prasolov CEO  of Neuromation

What is the main challenge Neuromation is addressing?

Currently, there are a number of roadblocks stopping companies from taking up AI to the industrial level. The biggest of these challenges is the costs involved in deep learning and algorithm training processes. Neuromation’s platform will allow users to generate and trade massive datasets for a fraction of the price of what’s currently available by using the computing power of miner rigs.

What’s the scale of this challenge?

It’s huge.

How does Neuromation turn this challenge into an opportunity?

We give miners an opportunity to sell excess computing power through Neuromation nodes, they are also able to switch back to crypto mining . Revenue comparison chart

Average machine = 24 GPU

Crypto mining/day/USD 40-44 44-52 48-60
NVIDIA GTX 1060 GTX 1070 GTX 1080/ti
AMD RX 570 RX 580 RX Fury
Neuromation Knowledge Mining 50-55 55-60 60-70

Can you showcase some team members/advisors who have a strong background?

Certainly! We have been extremely lucky in securing the services of one of the best minds in the business, David Orban. David joined us a month ago as an advisor and his guidance and input is second to none. He’s an extremely successful entrepreneur, author and thought leader of the global technology landscape, as well as being a highly regarded member of the faculty and advisor to Singularity University.

We also have another big name onboard as an advisor, Andrew Rabinovich. Andrew is a world leading scientist in deep learning and image recognising research. He’s also an author, biotechnology startup founder and the director of deep learning at Magic Leap.
The core team is lead by CEO Maxim Prasolov and founder and chairman Constantine Goltsev. Both are serial entrepreneurs with strong track of record. Their strategic vision and managerial talent brought Neuromation from the idea on the paper to the successfful operating company in pre-sale stage in the course of less than 1 year.

Does Neuromation have any strategic partnerships?

We have recently confirmed three major partnerships. Firstly with Taas, which is the last generation closed end fund especially for cryptoassets. Taas reduces risks and technical problems associated with owning, transferring and trading cryptoassets. TaaS’ token sale raised a whopping $7.6 million USD earlier this year. This partnership will allow Neuromation to gain unparalleled access to crypto-markets.
Secondly, Neuromation is also aligned with Hacken, a bug bounty testing service that stops cyber hackers in their tracks. This partnership is extremely important as we want to ensure our clients’ investments are safe.
Let’s Enhance is the first of AI start ups that became the client of Neuromation. This partnership will allow it to save 75% of the budget allocated for the purchase of computing power.

Does NeuroMation have a viable product at this time?

Neuromation works in test regime. Neuromation Retail Lab provides object recognition services to ECR Europe and it’s retail customer service platform OSA HP. Medical Devices Lab work with Mon Baby on creating sophisticated image tracking algorithm that will track baby’s movement in the crib, thus minimizing health risks.

How many tokens are needed to hire a neuromation node?

It depends on node type:

  • entry: 0.5NRT/h
  • basic: 1.5NRT/h
  • medium: 2-3NRT/h
  • large: 5.5-9NRT/h
  • xl: 10+NRT/h

Our hardware specification in a state of definition.

  • 4/6/8/+ GPU 1060/1070/1080+
  • RAM 2+GB
  • SSD 64+GB
  • Network: 100/1000Mb

Can neuromation nodes run on a linux server?

Yes, definitely. We are working on Windows environment also 🙂

Will the return of nodes be in TNK?

All payments/outcome/reward will proceed via NRT only.  The client enters tokens into the system. Further, we will have 2 types of contracts. Fixed payment and hourly payment. For the fixed, money will be withdrawn immediately. For hourly, simply withdraw from the account entered into the system. In the first months, the platform will only work on a fixed method

What deposit will the AI masternode operators need to make to operate a node?

No ownership, no tokens deposit. Just operating hardware.

What is the process by which TNK are rewarded to nodes, is it as
comparison of the work done or through a lottery system?

The process:
1. Auction for finding better price corresponding node performance.
2. Resource allocation/ Start Work / Track Progress / Finish
3. For every <time block> reward will granted to node’s owner.

What is the structure of the ICO?

We have structured our token sale in the following way.

60 per cent of tokens will be sold during the token sale. A further 10 per cent will be assigned to the liquidity reserve, 12 per cent to the team, 12 per cent to partners and the final 6 per cent to researchers.

Pre-sale bonus of 25% is granted to early contributors that invest not less than 3 ETH.
Sale bonuses will apply to 1,2,3 week with 15, 10 and 5 % respectively.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

We welcome conscious investors that care about wide spread of AI. There are no special requirements. US citizens will have to verify themselves, since we are SEC compliant.

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

Token holders will have peace of mind that no more tokens will be minted and their investment can only increase. Over the next three years, Neuromation will also burn 50 per cent of the tokens to decrease supply.

Was there a pre-ico?

Yes, currently we have our pre-sale running. It began on October 25 with investors able to register via a whitelist. During this time, we are offering contributors a 25 per cent bonus on their token purchases.

How many tokens will be issued?

We will mint 100,000,000 NRT. During the sale a total of 60,000,000 NRTwill be available, with unsold tokens to be burned.

Is there a cap on the ICO?

Hard Cap is 60, 000, 000 NRT

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We thank Maxim Prasolov for the interview.