Reasons Your Startup Should Switch To Cloud Storage Immediately

Cloud Data Storage
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Cloud storage, which is off-site storage maintained by third-parties, has caught on over the last decade. It is not hard to see why many companies move their data storage to cloud-based, from the versatility to access data to the security.

Here’s why you should join the bandwagon and move your start up’s storage to the cloud:


Among the many advantages, cost-effectiveness is what makes cloud storage the go-to option for businesses. With cloud-based storage, you do not need a physical location to host the servers and other required hardware. You will also need extra IT staff or professionals to maintain the equipment. You will also be saving on the rental expense you would be paying to house such equipment and the regular maintenance costs. Also, cloud-based storage is cheaper because you only pay for what you use or need. You can always upgrade the storage as the data for storage increases.


Cloud-based storage saves you from the malfunction that physical storage equipment pose. Other security concerns of physical storage locations include break-ins, fire, flooding, and other natural disasters. Physical documents also tend to age, tear, or get mishandled.

While cloud-based storage might not be 100% safe, nothing is; it gives your startup better protection from such incidences. It also features high-level encryption, surveillance equipment, and biometric locks that offer better security from hackers and other cyber attacks.

Also, cloud-based storage offers constant backup of your data and recovery if the data is lost due to any mishaps. This way, you can never lose your data.


Physical data storage does not allow you to access any data unless you are in that location. But with a cloud-based server, your data is always mobile. You could be traveling to remote areas but still, access any important data you need for your business. You can also backup your data whenever you are, without having to set foot in your physical office.


Does your startup use freelancers from all over the world? There is no better way for both off-site freelancers and onsite employees to share data, important documents and collaborate on anything than with cloud-based storage. It also offers a more secure way to share important documents than using emails and other social media sharing applications.

Unlimited Data Capacity

Unlike physical data storage centers where you might need to keep buying more equipment or extra office space to accommodate all of this equipment, cloud-based storage offers unlimited space. You can always start with the least available storage and keep upgrading as your startup gets more data to store. The only additional cost you incur is to get that extra cloud storage, which is still cheaper than upgrading a physical location.

The bottom line, the world is advancing technologically, and cloud storage is where you need to take your startup storage needs. It is more cost-effective, secure, offers real-time collaboration and unlimited storage space at lower costs. However, before settling on any cloud storage provider, ensure you go through their data privacy policies and any other necessary information that might affect your startup. The good thing is that some lawyers specialize in data protection and can offer better insight into what to look for from a provider.