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Crediverso Launches My Pocket Lawyer, Revolutionizing Legal Services

Crediverso's My Pocket Lawyer utilizes AI technology to provide affordable legal resources and assistance. Learn how they revolutionize legal services.

Getty Images Unveils AI-Powered Image Generator

Generate visually appealing and accurate images with Getty Images' AI-powered image generator. Safely create visuals for commercial use with their royalty-free license. Customize images to match brand style and support the creators. Find out more about the future of ethical AI in image generation.

OpenAI Introduces Voice Features To Enable Verbal Conversations With ChatGPT

OpenAI revolutionizes ChatGPT with voice capabilities for interactive conversations. Engage verbally, ask questions, and upload images for explanations. Limited initially, available on apps soon.

Amazon Commits $4 Billion Investment In AI Startup Anthropic

Investment of up to $4 billion by Amazon in AI startup Anthropic leads to enhanced AI capabilities and increased competition in the industry.

Bluesky Achieves Record Usage Following Elon Musk’s Announcement

Bluesky sees a surge in usage after Elon Musk's announcement about changes to X. Get details on the record number of new sign-ups and increased web traffic.
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