TrueFlip: Decentralized International Bitcoin Lottery.

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TrueFlip is a lottery system very much like the Powerball, Euromillions or your local lotto. The players buy lottery tickets and if their numbers come up in the daily draw which takes place at 8:00 pm GMT then they win the jackpot.

There are two decentralised international lotteries that players can play on TrueFlip:

  • Flip Star
  • Rapid to the moon

Flip Star Daily Bitcoin Lottery

  • Tickets consist of 6 numbers. 5 of which are from 1 to 49 and the sixth one has to be chosen from 1 to 26. There is also a quick pick option for those who want the system to pick the numbers.
  • Ticket cost: 0.0002BTC
  • Jackpot as of 17/01/2018: 403.87BTC
  • Prizes distributed as of 17/01/2018: 74.3BTC

Rapid to the moon, hourly bitcoin lottery

  • Tickets consist of 8 numbers 1 and 20 one of which needs to be between 1 and 4.
  • Ticket prize: 0.0001BTC
  • Frequency: 10 – 30 minutes
  • Jackpot as of 17/01/2018: 14.45 BTC
  • Prizes distributed as of 17/01/2018: 16.23BTC

Is the TrueFlip Bitcoin Lottery fair?
The code for the lottery is open source and can be found on GitHub. 60% of the lottery ticket prizes goes to the prize pool while the other 40% goes to the administration of TrueFlip.
The prize pool and all the fund.
The payouts are instant

Playing on True Flip the Bitcoin Lottery
Using this affiliate link will give you one free prize draw in the lottery, who knows maybe today is your day!

TrueFlip is based in Costa Rica and is licensed to operate this lottery.