5% Bonus On The Hydrominer Tokens.


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It’s Halloween and it’s all treats for HydroMiners…

Only on 31st of October (local time of Vienna, Austria), if you contribute at least 11 Ether to the currently ongoing token sale, you will get an extra 5% bonus.
To claim the bonus,
  1. Join the token sale at https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/ and contribute over 11 ETH;
  2. Find the transaction ID (also known as txhas or tx ID) in your wallet and send it to info@hydrominer.org.
  3. HydroMiner will then credit you an additional 5% bonus tokens (that’s 20% bonus total!) within 48 hours.
HydroMiner is the green crypto mining company based in Austira. The venture was launched in 2016 by sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon, who quickly grew a mining operation from their apartments into a large-scale business, consuming electricity from carbon-neutral hydro-power stations in the Austrian Alps. The Damblon sisters realized that the most lucrative price for electricity is available when you are next to the source generating it.
The H2O token acts as a voucher that can be exchanged into mining time from 2018. One H2O equals to 5kwH of mining performance. This model, compared to buying hash rates at other mining companies, ensures that your mining contracts will go on to perform better, as more effective hardware becomes available.

After the presale sold out in just 36 minutes, raising 1,500 Ether, the HydroMiner token sale started recently and raised already over 6,500 Ether. You can join the token sale now by whitelisting your address at HydroMiner.org