Airgead: A Precious Metals Backed Currency


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Interview with Mark Murphy founder of AirGead.

Where is Airgead coin registered?
Airgead Coin is registered in the Republic of Ireland. Company Registration Number: 618785

Who is the team behind Airgead?
Founder: Mark Murphy
Co-Founder: Phila Keane
Director: Lee O’Brien
Marketing: Conrad Lewis

Do you have links to videos of the Airgead Staff discussing Airgead?
At the moment there is currently no video explaining the process of Airgead Coin but we are currently in process of implementing this.

What is their experience in Blockchain and the Gold industries?
My experience with blockchain would be at an intermediate level, however, the team members that are coming on board have extensive background in all aspects of the blockchain process.

I have been dealing with all precious metals for approximately 10 years so I am well aware of the market and all the restrictions and how they can be overcome.

What does the name Airgead Coin refer to?
Airgead translated from the Irish word means both Silver and Money. I chose to base the name from this meaning.
All money used to have value, it had meaning, hence a lot of countries simply used the same term for silver and money as both. By doing this new we aim to bring the meaning of real money back to the world. As a point of reference, the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 10) states that “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”.

What is the precious coins mix in each Airgead Coin?
There is no mix as such in our Airgead Coin. Each of our single CryptoCoins are designed to hold the value of the asset it is merged with i.e. like with like, silver with silver etc. For example, 1oz. of silver would be merged with an Airgead Coin, 2gr. of gold would be merged with a separate Airgead Coin and so on. Currently, there is no crossover to mix gold with silver or platinum with palladium. Each Airgead Coin will have value based on the physical precious metal asset it is backed with.

What is the relationship between an Airgead Token and the Airgead Coin?
Airgead Token provides ownership over the entire Airgead Coin system, it’s exchange, future projects and profits.
Airgead Coin gives you complete ownership over the physical precious metal that are held in storage.

Airgead does not charge Token Holders any fees, how does the Airgead project sustain itself?
Airgead Coin will be funded from Our Exchange, where charges are applicable just like all exchanges and future projects that will enable the use of precious metals as a unit of value to purchase goods, services and assets. Our key difference is to remove all the old obstacles, costs and restrictions that have held precious metals back and enable them to be used as real money again throughout the world. Please see our website for further details.

Will Airgead Coin have it’s own exchange, when will this be launched?
Yes, Airgead Coin will have its own Exchange. Our Exchange will be launched after the ICO stage.

What is an Airgead Coin?
Airgead Coin, in the most basic terms, is an open cryptocurrency that will decentralize all precious metals so they can be freely traded throughout the world where their true value can be realized for the first time.

In the Airgead Coin literature reference to “open Cryptocurrency” is made, what does this mean?
An ‘Open Cryptocurrency’ refers to a new generation of Cryptocurrencies where you can merge any asset or information within a single Cryptocoin.

What will be the difference between the spot price of the underlying metals and the actual coin?
What we will do at Airgead Coin is first purchase the precious metals at the best price possible and have them merged into Airgead Coin. Each Airgead Coin will have different values based on the precious metals they are merged with. These will be sold on Our Exchange for the same price that they were purchased for – again we will not profit in any way in purchasing the precious metals and selling them on Our Exchange – once sold and on Our Exchange each Airgead Coin will be free to find a price based on the decentralized market value.

Each Airgead Coin will be unique, how will one be distinguished from another?
Put simply, our Algorithm Code and our unique encrypted recognition software. Each Airgead Coin will be distinguishable based on the information source code that is held within it.

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