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Interview with Mickael Salabi founder of Tokenpot Capital

Can you introduce yourself and your role in Tokenpot Capital?

Mickael Salabi, I founded Tokenpot Capital at the end of 2015, and have managed the underlying funds since inception. I became involved in the crypto space in 2012, experiencing POW & POS Blockchains, mining, all types of consensus protocols and crypto algorithms, Mtgox incident, beginnings of NXT, Ethereum, Bitshares, the DAGs and the likes.

Who is the team behind Tokenpot Capital?

  • Mickael Salabi, GP and Manager
  • Atlas Fund Services, Administrators
  • Spicer Jeffreys, Auditors
  • Logan Law Office, P.A., US Legal
  • Harney Westwood & Riegels, Offshore Legal
  • Jonathan Teboul, VP of Operations
  • Jen Todd, Business Development
  • Gary Mamou, Analyst Lead
  • Adrien LaFourcade, Analyst Lead

Where is Tokenpot Capital based?

The Tokenpot Management Team is based in South Florida.The Onshore Fund (Tokenpot Capital Master Fund, L.P.) is registered in the state of Delaware and the Offshore Feeder Fund (Tokenpot Capital Offshore Fund, Ltd.) is registered in BVI.

What is the investment thesis behind Tokenpot Capital?

Tokenpot Capital is a Private Investment Fund investing in cryptocurrency as well as innovative projects supporting blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology for the greater good.

Are there any restrictions on who can invest?

Investors must be accredited investors ($250k income annually or over $1M In assets). We accept US and international investors.

What is the fee structure?

2% Management Fee
20% Incentive Fee

What is the minimum holding period?

No Minimum. Can be as short as 1 month. 2 weeks notice for redemptions

What is the minimum investment?

$50,000 for now.

Can the investment into the fund be made in crypto; which ones do you accept?

At this moment, we only accept wire transfers in fiat currency and if international currency, the funds will be converted into USD.

Mickael Salabi founder of Tokenpot Capital

What are the currency options when it comes to divestment?


Is Tokenpot Hedge fund part of the portfolio of a fund of funds?

No, Tokenpot Capital Master Fund is the main Hedge Fund. We have an offshore licensed mutual fund as a partner for international investors.

How many different assets are held in the portfolio and would it be possible to give us a peek at the portfolio?

About 20 Assets are held. Here are the main ones:

  • Bitcoin
  • IOTA
  • Ethereum
  • ZCash
  • Dash
  • OmiseGo
  • Qtum

What is the average turnover of assets in the portfolio?

We have a long term positions on our core exposure, which means turnover in this type of allocation is rather low, couple of months at least. General reevaluation of the portfolio happens frequently on the edge exposure (smaller market caps), which could lead to frequent rebalancing depending on each project’s advancement/development. Rebalancing between our core and our edge normally occurs a couple of times each week. Average of 50 transactions per month.

What are the projects of most interest to the fund; ICOs; Established Cryptocurrencies; Crypto infrastructure projects etc?

We focus on fundamentals all around, though Tokenpot Capital covers most exposures in the
space; core/established cryptocurrencies (60%), edge exposure with smaller market caps (20%), and partnerships with pre-ICOS (10%) maintaining the remainder in cash (10%). Among the core cryptocurrencies, we support those with true technical innovations, or the ones promoting solid concepts of decentralised economy and governance. Infrastructure is of course a big part of our core exposure, as it enables applications to be built on top of it, and we see this as the first required layer in this new era.

What are some of the best investments Tokenpot has participated in?

Iota, Qtum, Aeternity, Sirin Labs

What is the highest conviction investment that the fund is invested in?

OmiseGo, Iota, and Ethereum

What has been the fund performance for the last 12 months?


In your opinion how will the crypto market change in the next 12 months in terms of new regulations?

We are very involved with the regulations, in the US and international and we believe that this
will be a very positive step for the cryptocurrency market. Most countries understand the
potential of the technology and are not trying to undermine it but only to regulate it and make it safer for investors. After this process happens, many more investors and institutional funds will flow into the market. We are positive about the future but we take a conservative approach as we know that there is a lot of uncertainty in the market which will continue throughout 2018.

Would you like to add further information?

Tokenpot Capital ultimate vision is to assist projects which have the potential to revolutionize
the humanity biggest challenges through blockchain technology.

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We thank Mickael Salabi for the interview.