BirdChain – The Cure To Wage Gaps

If Your Paycheck Leaves You Wanting More, the Answer is Already in Your Pocket

It’s no secret that more people live paycheck to paycheck than those who can afford to get paid and not immediately spend every penny. Wealth inequality is a major issue that has an array of contributing factors—and corporations are not helping.

One of the most criminal culprits in the game of wage gaps in wealth and equality are the oligarchs of the cellular service provider industry. There are only a handful of these companies that service the vast majority of the entire world, and whenever one of them decides to increase their rates, they all do.

Since there are so few service providers, they all can easily see the ins and outs of each other’s market strategy—and the person who suffers is the consumer.

That’s why it’s going to take innovative minds adopting and converging cutting-edge technologies to solve this problem once and for all. Blockchain technologies, through cryptocurrencies and other industries, are disrupting the financial opportunities that all consumers and citizens across the world have to leverage their income.

Enter BirdChain.

If your paycheck is making your pocket feel empty, check again. With BirdChain’s proprietary messaging app, you can unload your unused SMS-messaging data from your plan with your service provider, and sell it to those looking for a cheaper alternative for SMS-messaging. All you have to do is download the BirdChain messaging app, and BirdChain will do the rest. You will never receive anyone else’s messages, your information will never be shared, and your messages will never go to anyone other than those you intend to send them to.

In the end, you can end up making between $30 and $300 extra income per month, without having to lift a finger.

BirdChain’s utilization of blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, assures the security of your data, and assures that you will get paid, promptly, every month.

This is a watershed moment for the end of wage gaps and wealth inequality—but only if we can come together as a global community and make BirdChain happen.

BirdChain has an ICO launching on November 18th, which will serve to complete financing and app development for a widespread market release. Be a part of new technologies with the power to change the world. Get involved with BirdChain at, today!

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