Financial Independence And Investing As The Cure For Death

Death is the absence of time, a dark nothingness that is infinite and impossible to fill.

If there is life after death it is more than welcome. Personally, I do not need the promise of heaven in order to be a good person and citizen. As nothing is guaranteed in life and in death – getting 100% ROI in life is an insurance policy, just in case, there is no heaven or nirvana but a long dark corridor of darkness.

Anyway, back to the dark nothingness; a place out of one’s control.

Boiling death down to its essence is a state where a person has lost complete control of his time they no longer have any “time credits” left.

Following this path, one can think of life as a series of time credits which can be used at the owner’s behest.

Using time credits as a commodity of some sort is losing control of one’s time.

Isn’t the complete loss of time credits the state of death? This is slippery slope reasoning if taken too far but if used cautiously can open one’s eyes to the current state of affairs.

When we commoditize our very own time credit, we exchange part of our lives for something else – usually money. The cost is living less the way we want to and more in term of what the employer wants.

Death and selling your time have parallels which I have never connected before writing the sentences above.

If death is your complete loss of time credits, the process of outrunning death is having more time credits of your own, under your full control, to do as you please with and use as rationally, irrationally or exuberantly as you like.

Control over your time credits is only possible if all the other elements to support your life and lifestyle are owned, present and available.

When there is no guarantee that food and shelter will be there tomorrow, the only option is to exchange time credits for money which is then turned into your life necessities.

When the essentials of life are guaranteed for the foreseeable future, time credits get a different meaning – rather than a medium of survival they become a medium of life.

When time credits are no longer a tool for survival they become life as it once was.

Living as you please, rather than how others want you to. Claiming the full ownership of one’s own time credits. Selling one’s life to others is no longer necessary and greater things can be pursued.

Once there is a guarantee that one’s survival needs are met, one can pursue other interests that are more commensurate with the human condition – that knows that the time credits are limited and we must use them to be more alive.

With time one can pursue: learning the truth, leaving a true legacy, laying the foundations for a solid future of our children. Hanging every day on the edge of the time credits abyss leaves no time to make a leave a positive impact in the world.

The Financial independence motorbike can run at 10,000 km/h. Few have the patience to build this bike. The parts are all out there, it can be built by anyone with time, energy and knowledge. (I admit and a bit of luck too)

The Financial independence motorbike is what you need to outrun the phyton like chains of serfdom which will relentlessly try to tie you down into financial dependence.

The Financial independence motorbike will also run out of time credits eventually, and a different entity will come to visit … but until then … each single time credit is yours to use as you please.