Blockchain-friendly Bank Fiinu Launches Their Pre-sale Today.

Fiinu is a UK based startup with plans to create a digital bank, they are launching an ICO today – 09/10/2017.

FNU tokens have the right to the share of profits of the Fiinu, every year FNU uses a part of the non-shareable profits to buy back FNU tokens. FNU has a commitment to refund 90% of the funds received if the banking license is not awarded.

Press Release:

Exciting days for the UK-based fintech start-up Fiinu; today they’ll launch their pre-sale.
Fiinu considers themselves “UK’s first blockchain-friendly” bank – and it sounds promising.
Especially interesting it could be for those working with cryptocurrency and are in sporadic
need of a centralized banking service to receive Fiat money. They will offer one single
account for crypto-currency and sterling, where you can withdraw your Bitcoin as sterling
just for a fractional amount compared to others. Meaning the cost of working with Fiinu as a
cryptocurrency user is supposed to be lower than usual.

Fiinu also would like to support those customers, which they say are now “under-served by
the incumbent bank’s archaic credit rating system”. For customers and small businesses this
could mean to get short-term credits with overdraft. This would be a huge advantage
obviously as many individuals or smaller businesses which might not be eligible candidates
at a traditional bank with a normal credit method, will have a chance at Fiinu with the new

FIINUSCORE™ credit rating system. Founder and CEO Marko Sjoblom is aiming for nothing
less than to let “your money work for you”, as he said.

Their banking license is scheduled for the end of 2018, starting with the normal ICO in
November. The FNU – Fiinu Coin will come along with benefits. So Fiinu states that they will
distribute an annual 33% of the retained profit to FNU holders. Secure credits can get
granted in sterling for up to 75% LTV against FNU. Being a London-based company, it will be
for UK-residents only for now. Furthermore, Fiinu announced to come up with budgeting
tools and “smart credit products”.

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