NapoleonX: Crypto Trading Bots

NapoleonX aims to create the 1st crypto asset managers specializing in the design and management of trading bots. Each bot will aim to deliver regular positive performance for crypto holders thus generating some returns on their existing cryptos.

Interview with Stephane Ifrah, CEO of Napoleon X.

Napoleon Crypto will create algorithmic solutions which will then be used by the NaPoleonX platform in the creation of DAFs, in return, Napoleon Crypto will charge a 15% fee in batons. Why can’t the two functions be performed by the same entity?

Napoleon Crypto will have an R&D activity to design new bots or to attract and select talents that can do that. This will then allow the NapoleonX platform to launch the DAFs that run on the bots and collect the fruit of this R&D. The platform will earn the bulk of the remuneration with 85% of the performance fees vs 15% for the R&D company

NaPoleonX will facilitate the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs), these will be used to facilitate investing in tokenized assets.

Who will be allowed to create such DAFs and how will their experience be profiled?

After the first 10 DAFs, anyone will be able to propose a new DAF to NapoleonX. However, Napoleon Crypto will perform a due diligence before submitting a new bot to the NapoleonX token holders. The idea is to avoid too many submissions of unreliable bots

Will the trading bots operate straight from the NaPoleonX platform or can these work from third party platforms?

Bots could work on other platform provided this is compleiant from a regulaton point of view. If Napoleon Crypto asset management licence is required then it could be rented to the new DAF provider

To what assets and exchanges will the bots have access to?

The bots will trade real assets through Futures only and some highly liquid cryptos on the most secure crypto exchanges.

What are market oracles, how is their security managed?

Market oracles pushes market prices use in the index publisher in order to perform its duty. Data need to be pushed on the blockchain as opposed to be pulled to avoid any website type of overloading.

Will DAFs be allowed to create their own bots?

No, DAF are only investment vehicles not research entity.

How will the BOTs hold the tokens?

Bots will not hold any token just execute automatically market orders. Token will be held by the investors

Can one DAF use more than one BOT?

Yes, the idea is to use decorrelation between bots to enhance risk/return profile of DAF

Can investors invest with FIAT in a DAFs?

Yes, this will be possible even though they will hold crypto tokens in the end, not fiat denominated tokens

How will each DAF be marketed?

Napoleon Crypto will be the entity marketing the new DAFs

What is the working history of the bots, can you share their success stories?

Bots have literally exploded in terms of variety over the last decades following lacklustre performance from discretionary fund managers.

Will Investors need to vote if they are part of a DAF?

This will change now following our latest discussion with our lawyers, Kramer Levin. Voting will no longer be required to earn the performance fees as bots now will be rented by Napoeleon crypto to the DAFs and revenue will be shared with NapoleonX token holders with a 85/15% split between NapoleonX token holder and Napoleon Crypto

Do the founders have a vesting period?

Yes 6 months

Is an MVP available at this time?

The bots performance can be seen in our Blackpaper. We also have our index publisher available on with login = napoleonx and password = demo

Would you like to add further info?

We believe we are proposing a unique value proposal that will enable crypto holders to get a remuneration on their cryptos through the launch of DAFs. We are proposing to participate in the launch of the first regulated asset manager that will enable the launch of a large series of such funds.

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We thank Stephane Ifrah for the interview.