Eth Capital Asset Managment And Hedge LLC: Investing With The Future

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Interview with Patrick Regan Managing Director of Eth Capital Asset Managment and Hedge LLC

What is the history of ETHCapital?

Eth Capital is over 1 year old (April 2017)

Who are the founders of ETHCapital?

Patrick Regan and Michael Whitemoor

What is the investment thesis of ETHCapital?

We are investing into major market capitalisation crypto assets that are good unique technologies to the blockchain.

In what Sectors of the Blockchain industry does ETHCapital invest in?

We invest into Financial Sector, Health, Identification Systems and major usage Smart Contract technologies.

How are potential investments chosen? 

Potential Investments meet strict criteria set by management, mainly Technical abilities, Market Capitalisation and Usage.

What is the typical entry point in the lifecycle of a blockchain project?

What are the requirements for investors to invest in ETHCapital? Investors must be Accredited High Net Worth Individuals if investing from Fiat and meet KYC requirements and be a minimum of 100,000$. If investors invest with us Crypto directly (ETH/BTC) they can invest from 10,000$

What are the fees charged to the investors? 

We charge 45% of Capital Gains brought to the portfolio.

How can investors invest in ETHCapital? 

Investors can invest via contacting us directly on

What has been the performance of the ETHCapital since inception? 

We are 2,670% up since inception.

What are the elements of this success? 

HODL and careful capital allocation.

What are the events you are looking forward to in 2018 in the cryptoverse? 

We are looking forward to new Blockchain technologies such as Hash Graph.

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