Where To Host A Crown Thron?

Cryptocurrencies are a decentralised form of “money”. They achieve this decentralisation by spreading their infrastructure instead of centralising it. Masternodes help support this objective, they incentivise anyone to host masternodes by providing them with a yield when they do so.

Masternodes serves both as a governance tool and a tool to process transactions. A Crown Thron offers the same services a masternode does, in addition Crown will be extending the services of masternodes further. A masternode or Thron is computer server which needs to be online 24/7. It is possible to host masternodes on your home computer but for many it is impractical to do so. LoverServers.com offers online servers for rent,   for hosting Crown Throns.

In this interview they explain what is their service all about.

What service do you offer in relation to Crown Throns?
We provide a platform on which people can host the Crown Tron software.
The tron (recently renamed from “throne”) master nodes are an important security feature of the Crown coin ecosystem.

Why are you offering this service for Crown?
We were approached by a member of the Crown community who wanted to host a number of trons with us, things progressed from there. I believe at the moment we’re hosting about 25% of the UKs trons

Do you have a crown tron installation manual adapted to LoveServers.com?
We have no specifically tuned documentation, the official documentation provides a thorough guide which will guide people though the process.

What level of technical support can users expect?
The servers we provide are classed as “self-managed” servers, meaning we manage the infrastructure and users are expected to be able to manage their services and diagnose/resolve any software issues they may encounter.

Of course, we’re always happy to assist if required, everyone needs a hand from time to time.

What are the most common issues related to the installation of Crown Throns?
So far we’ve had no issues brought up during the installation process. As I’ve previously mentioned, the steps are quite simple and documentation is thorough.

What is the uptime rate for the crown Throns?
Other than arranged downtime (for maintenance/updates etc), the nodes that host our OpenVZ containers have had ~99.99% uptime since the start of the year.

On average what is the total arranged downtime per year?
We try to keep scheduled maintenance to a minimum, so where possible we (live kernel patching via kernelcare, fully redundant networking/power etc), as a result the total yearly planned maintenance should be well under 5 hours spread throughout the year.

What are the advantages of remotely hosting a Crown Thron masternode?
As with any professionally hosted service, we manage the hardware so end users don’t need to. We make sure that the servers are powered, cooled, and networked 24/7/365, taking all that stress away.

What are highest risks of remotely hosting a Crown Thron masternode and how do you mitigate it?
The main threat to anything hosted online are security breaches. This can be mostly mitigated by following good security practises (strong passwords, keeping software up to date).
We carry out live security patching of our servers were possible and provide mitigations where required.

We host out of a secure datacentre which is manned 24/7/265 so physical security is under control.

Are there any specific technical requirements for the end user?
Our service come get provisioned with no GUI, so basic knowledge of command line GNU/Linux is a requirement.

It might sound scary to some people, but the internet has a million and one guides for getting stated and there’s no time like the present to learn something new.

Other than that, an understanding the Crown coin would be wise, again the Crown website contains all the information you’d need to get started (Also see https://investitin.com/crown-coin/).

How easy is it for a non-technical person to use your service?
As mentioned in the previous answer, the entry level is perhaps a little higher than some.
We provide non-GUI GNU/Linux VMs (Though people are free to install their own UIs) so a basic knowledge of CLI is required.

In general all cryptocoins require a certain degree of technical ability (this is perhaps why they are not as mainstream as they could be at the moment).

Can you tell us more about LoveServers.com?
We started back in October 2015 after being sick of dealing with faceless/heartless hosting companies.

We started LoveServers with the hope of bringing a little bit more love in to the hosting ecosystem.

We’re located in Manchester (UK), hosting out of iomarts Manchester datacentre.
Being hosted in an iomart datacentre means that we get to piggyback off their fully redundant 40Gbit/s fibre ring which spans the entire country giving us access to a number of tier 1 transit providers and peering points.

As you’d expect, the datacentre comes fully equipped with redundant cooling, power, networking, and a 24/7 manned on-site Network Operations Centre (NOC).
At the moment we have two experienced members of staff managing the platform, as the work load increases we’ll look at bring additional people in.

Will you host nodes for other coins in the future?
If we’re every approached again there’s no reason why we wouldn’t consider it.

Do you accept payment in Crown?
At the moment we don’t accept payment in any cryptocoin. If the demand gets high enough we’ll certainly consider it.

For more information : https://loveservers.com/