How Blockchain Technology Is Changing The Way We Produce Digital Content

Digital content is a market that has shown impressive growth over the last few years. Especially due to the circumstances we face today, where we are living with a pandemic, and many countries are being forced into lockdown, consumers turn their heads to digital content as a source of entertainment or information. This, however, represents some issues for content creators.

With multiple platforms in existence, their content can easily be reproduced somewhere else without the creator’s knowledge, losing track of ownership, and potential income they could be generating. 

Through the implementation of blockchain technology, this type of problem could disappear. The use of LKSCOIN as a tool to create a Non-Fungible Token can apply the advantages of blockchain to digital content, making the information verifiable, and providing guaranteed protection of copyright. Through the LKSCOIN crowdfunding, LKS Foundation plans to create an NFT that will link the identity of the owner, content, and timestamp (effective date of deposit) in one Token recorded in the blockchain, so information remains unchangeable and verifiable by any interested party, such as platforms and media. 

This blockchain-based solution is set to change the way we do digital content today, solving one of its most pressing problems, the copyright of digital content shared across multiple social media platforms. 

The LKS Foundation is the company behind this innovative product. This Italian non-profit foundation is dedicated to spreading the culture of blockchain and promoting initiatives that use the principle of sharing information using blockchain technologies and covering the culture of fintech to innovate sectors such as crowdfunding and ICOs and decentralized finance technologies.

The LKSCOIN can also provide a useful took for the marketing industry. Most of the marketing content produced today is challenging to verify, with sources and references getting lost in the mass production and sharing of digital content. Through the implementation of NFT tokens, users can store property metadata. Once validated, the information adds value to the token, ensuring the origin of the activity. The ability to trace the source of information can be very valuable for companies that wish to ensure the ownership of their products. NFTs can be created to represent an original, unique product, protecting it from unauthorized distribution and fraud. The LKSCOIN could turn the digital marketing industry into a more honest industry, where content is verifiable and, therefore, closer to the reality we face daily.

The whole LKSCOIN project, with the creation of an NFT and of a Campus to boost blockchain-based technology with social impact, can be found in the LKSCOIN whitepaper, here: