InvestFeed: The Fuel For The Fintech Revolution.

Discerning which assets and projects will be successful requires skill, ingenuity, insight and experience. This feat requires foresight on how the project being investigated will develop, and how the future will evolve. Will the two be a good match 6 months, 2 years and 5 years down the line?

The skills to make such predictions do not come for free, but in the current internet paradigm, there are no incentives for those with these capabilities to monetize their brain power.

Those who want to share their big ideas with like minded individuals have a few obvious choices: Reddit, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Bitcointalk. These sites, facilities the free interaction of friends and internet acquaintances. They do so, to capture their mental work and monetize it. Unfortunately, the creators receive few tangible benefits n this exchange.  100% of the revenue goes to international conglomerates.

There are no easy and ready solutions to share ideas and content on traditional investment and crypto assets in exchange for a fee.  Such a platform would require a large user base, which will readily accept to pay for great ideas because they value them.

investFeed are creating a solution to this challenge!

Invest Feed is a website with a user base of 15,000 loyal users who have created over 200,000 live feeds since inception. These users are hungry for ideas, insights and tips to guide their next buy or sell. They are willing to pay a price in exchange of this information. Traders need a competitive edge otherwise their safest bet is to invest in a broad index fund. Invest Feed will bridge communication between the insightful market analysts and those seeking guidance on their next investment move.

Reading the market is no small feat, research and analysis of the fast moving crypto sphere require time, energy and experience. For one to keep churning out good content there needs to be the right set of incentives, this is the way humans work. Give them the right incentives and the most powerful machine in the universe, the human brain, will be working for you in no time.

Invest Feed is a platform for social media democracy where those with market insights and comments are paid by those seeking insights. When such information is free it loses a lot of its value, the information edge is what creates a non-level playing field in trading. This is one of the few legal exploits that investors can harness to gain a different perspective, combat FOMO and make better trading decisions.



Fintech is a game changer because it is much more than just a new way of investing. After all Mayer Amstel Bauer Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”. This is because, money is the lifeblood of the economy, the economy is the amphitheatre where individual incentives are modelled. The great political divide between left and right is an economic debate and not a political one. The fundamental differences between the two camps are how governments will align incentives within an economy to structure the use of limited resources.

One keen group that are more aware than previous generations that we are in a pivotal moment are the Millennials. This one fact has contributed to the rise of decentralised cryptocurrencies. ICOs and crypto currencies in the hands of genuine leaders with good intentions are a powerful force to shape the most well-connected borderless community: the internet users. Millennia’s are well connected and savvy, crowd pullers among them have the power to pull in their groups onto a platform and literally take it to the moon.

investFeed is a social platform that makes it easy for investors to connect, explore and trade information between each other.

About investFeed

In 2014, Ron Kerensky and Drew Freedman founded invest Feed, which started as a desktop platform for equity traders. In 2015 the team were a Gala Finalist at the Behzinga Fintech awards in the “Best Use of Crowd” category.

Contributors to the invest FEED crowd sale will receive the FEED token.

Feed coins will fuel the information economy on investFeed, creating a democratised social media experience, which is powered by those whose insights are recognised. Any member can create premium content which can be accessed for free of for a fee. The fees will be paid in Feed coin. Additionally, the token could be used to purchase an ad-free experience throughout the platform.

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